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How To Write A Martial Arts School Review

This article is more intended to the people that want to submit a martial arts school review article to Though if you happen to stumble upon this article not for that intention feel free to take some points from this article.

Writing the title

The title should be named (‘name of school’ School Review) – Flamingo Shotokan Karate School Review


In the introduction mention the name of the school and where it is located. I’m going to write you down an example below. Obviously don’t word it exactly like me be creative, show me your true writing capabilities.

{Today’s post is for all you *martial art* practitioners in *location*. We’re going to be reviewing the shotokan karate school called (flamingo shotokan karate) – Link to there site or facebook page. If you’re wondering where there located there address is:

94 Westchester Ave Pound Ridge,
NY 69373
(914) 777-3456

I’ve been going to flamingo shotokan karate for the past X years and I’m so excited to be writing this flamingo shotokan karate school review.}

Insert Image

This is where you insert the picture you took of flamingo shotokan karate. Ideally the size format for pictures is 750 by 510 an image like the one below.

How To Write A Martial Arts School Review


In the body section your going to start off with the title ‘Why I’m qualified to review flamingo shotokan karate’ than start by giving an introduction of yourself, adding your facebook profile and if you’ve got a website you may link to it. Here’s an example of how it should be done.

Why I’m qualified to review flamingo shotokan karate

{Before we fully get into the flamingo shotokan karate review I would like to be fully transparent with you guys. My name is Evarist Vella and I run the website (Martial Arts Nerd)-(link to your site). Today I’ve been invited on to write an honest review of the dojo that I am currently attending.

I have been practicing martial arts for the last 10 years. When I was 10 years old I started MMA for about 3 years than BJJ for about 4 years and now I have been studying shotokan karate for over 3 years at flamingo shotokan karate. I have been awarded my 2nd dan black belt at flamingo shotokan karate and feel like I can give an honest review about this *location* *martial art* school.}

Start another paragraph with:

Flamingo Shotokan Karate Review

Write something along the lines of, {Without further ado let’s start this review}

In the next part start write a subtitle on something you’d like to start talking about. Keep repeating the process till you think you’ve given our readers a proper picture of what they should be expecting when they visit Flamingo Shotokan Karate for example:

Flamingo Shotokan Karate Atmosphere

{The first thing that struck me with Flamingo Shotokan Karate was the atmosphere. I still remember the first time stepping into that dojo. Everyone greeting me politely, than they all started to prepare the dojo for the lesson. Sweeping the floors, preparing mats, punching bags while the sensei was explaining to me the way of the dojo……etc

Flamingo Shotokan Karate History

Flamingo Shotokan Karate was first founded by *name* who happens to be the grandfather of the current sensei. Originally they started off as Kyokushin Karate school but my sensei’s father wasn’t fully convinced with the way of the Kyokushin so he decided to start teaching Shotokan Karate instead…..etc}

Flamingo Shotokan Karate etc

I think you get the point, the more subtitles and the more detailed you get into the subtitles the better.

Than finally finish of with a conclusion with a title like:

Concluding Flamingo Shotokan Karate Review

Thank the readers, tell them that if they have any questions they shouldn’t worry to ask. Finish it off by giving the *location:**martial art* dojo in question an out of 10 mark and explain why you gave that mark.

Concluding How To Write A Martial Arts School Review

Hope I’ll be seeing some great martial art school review contributions from you guys. Can’t wait to see what kind of dojo’s you guys have went through.


How To Write A Martial Arts School Review
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How To Write A Martial Arts School Review
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