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Why we accept guest posts

My vision for Martial Arts Nerd is to become the greatest martial arts community. In order to achieve this, we need the help of everyone in the community to contribute their martial arts wisdom.

This creates discussions, new ideas and most importantly we learn from one another.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Why write for us?

  • Exposure - One of the greatests ways you can get recognition, is simply by collaborating with other people within your niche.
  • Bring Awareness - Something bothering you within the community. What better way to rise awareness than to get your voice heard by those that care.
  • Feedback - See what other martial artists think about your style, technique, opinion.
  • Giving back - There's nothing more satisfying than that of helping out your community. While encouraging new generations of martial artists from around the world.

How to become a Martial Arts Nerd contributor

At Martial Arts Nerd we firmly believe that Quality is key to success. Unfortunately we will not be able to publish every article the community sends us. Therefore I wrote some guidelines to help you guys get your articles published.

Provide a short bio about yourself

Nothing to fancy, in about 150 word describe yourself. Tell us what martial art style's you've practiced, your facebook or twitter account, your blog. We would also like you to attach a photo of yourself, so that we can properly credit you for your work.

Article structure

Check out some of our blog posts to get an idea on how you should structure your article.

Topics we love

We don't accept every type of article here. Make sure the article you submit is related to martial arts or it will be disregarded instantly. Here are some topic ideas that we love to publish on Martial Arts Nerd.

  • History, techniques, syllabuses, philosophies, pros, cons of multiple martial art styles.
  • Forgotten or unpopular martial arts.
  • Tips on how to tackle common issues faced by martial artists.
  • Deconstructing basic and advanced techniques.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of 2 seperate martial art styles pitched against each other.
  • Examining the advantage and disadvantages of a particular body physic correlated with the martial art style.
  • Product reviews that you used.
  • Tips on how to start and promote a successful dojo.
  • Debunking unrealistic techniques.
  • Discussing relevant issues within our community.

Topics we already covered

At Martial Arts Nerd we already covered a lot of martial arts related content. However if you think you can cover a topic better than we already have, go for it. Though be warned, it will be much harder to get your article accepted.

Minimum words

We will only be accepting articles that are in depth and cover the topic in full. Articles that do not add any value or fulfill the searchers intent will be disregarded. Generally an article needs to be at least 800 words long, though this really depends on what the article is about. There is no maximum amount of words as long as it's all adding value to the subject.


The articles you submit to us must be unique and your own, by this we mean:

  • You can't submit to us work that does not belong to you.
  • You can't submit work we accepted from you on your website or any other website.


It is our belief that links add a lot of value. As a matter of fact, we fully encourage you to add links that provide value to the topic being discussed. If an article on your website happens to be the best resource to expand on that subject, feel free to link to it. Though this should not be seen as an 'easy seo link' we have the right to change any links as we see fit. If you are going to be placing a link to your own website make sure to maintain and update that source so that it stays the best.

You can also place a no-follow link in your bio description.

Images and videos

Much like links, images and videos add a significant amount of value to an article. Due to copyright issues we would like you to send us a link to the image/video instead of the image/video itself.

Comment and engage

If I notice that you frequently engage in our comments section, you will have a higher chance of getting your submission approved. As this will show me that you are interested in seeing this community grow and I know that you will reply to questions asked on your submissions.

If you are collaborating for the sole purpose of getting recognition, commenting is one of the best ways to get noticed by the community.

How to send us an article 

Simply write it in an email to martialartsnerd1@gmail.com. If you've got any questions about your submission, feel free to send me an email before or DM me on twitter.

These types of article submissions are currently closed but may reopen in the future. Though fret not fellow martial artist if your still interested in collaborating with us keep on reading.

Topics we are currently accepting

As for now, we will only be accepting articles that review a martial arts school. What we mean by this is:

1) Martial art schools that you have personally attended

The martial art schools that you can review must be schools that you currently attend or have spent at least 1 year in. The martial art that the school teaches is not an issue, we would love to hear your honest opinion about any dojo you attended.

2) Images & Videos

You will need at least one picture of the martial art school that you are going to be reviewing, a picture that you took. The more pictures and videos you can take the better though.

3) Article length

We want the review of the martial art school your writing about to be really detailed. From:

  • How satisfied you are with the school
  • What price the school charges
  • If there are any offers (maybe a free first lesson)
  • Is safety equipment used
  • How the belt system if there is works
  • History of the school
  • Things you really like with your school
  • Things that could be improved
  • Do the senior students impress you
  • The type of person the sensei of the dojo is
  • The type of students that attend the dojo
  • How the lesson is structured
  • Is the sensei still learning what level is he/she in
  • Is it fun
  • Customs and formalities of the dojo
  • Do they display a lack of ego
  • The lineage of the head instructor
  • How is there curriculum
  • What type of sparing is done
  • Cleanliness of the gym

These are some ideas, the more detail you write the happier our readers will be. Give or take the article should be around 1000 words

4) Will you get a link - For website owners

Of course you will and not one of those buried in the bio no one reads. You can and strongly encouraged to add a do-follow link in the body of the article which brings us to the next point of transparency.

5) Transparency & Credibility

We want all the reviews to be as honest and credible as possible. That's why we will need to add a link of your own personal facebook account within the article. This will ensure us that you take full responsibility for your words.

6) Copyright

Any article you submit must be 100% original. You can not submit that content to another publisher not even your own site. You can not slightly modify it and send it to another publisher or your own site. If we notice that you re-published the article we will delete it with all the benefits that come with it.

I believe a Do-follow link in the body of the article to your site, is more than enough of a reward. Please be respectful and don't make us take down your post.

7) Sharing

If your proud of your article and wish to share it on your social media platforms be our guest, your more than welcome to do so.

8) Spelling & Grammatical mistakes

If the article is too badly written I will obviously not accept it. Make sure to at least spell check the article before submitting it to us.

9) How to submit your article to us

You can send us an email with your request to martialartsnerd1@gmail.com. For the subject of the email please write 'Martial Arts School Review Submission'. This will insure me that you actually bothered to read the submission guidelines.

I will also need you to contact me on facebook so that I can make sure the facebook account you submit in the article is actually yours. My facebook

Read this article to know how you are supposed to structure the martial arts school review submission. How To Write A Martial Arts School Review.