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What Is Martial Arts About? Purpose Of Martial Arts

Yesterday I got a question from my friend that went along the lines of, what is martial arts about? This got me quite interested would he seriously not know the purpose of martial arts. After explaining to him what martial arts was all about, I see another post on reddit with the same question asking what is martial arts all about?

So that’s what inspired me to write this article. We’re first going to understand what it’s purpose was in the past. Than understand the purpose of martial arts in our current time.

What Is Martial Arts About Purpose Of Martial Arts

What Is Martial Arts About?

Unlike nowadays in our civilized lifestyle, martial arts where something everyone had to learn. That is if they wished to survive the hard times they lived.

The name Martial Arts came from the words ‘the arts of war’. As the name suggests, at that time wars were won depending on the tactic chosen which was a martial arts on it’s own. And the skill level of martial arts the fighters possesed.

Everything was a martial art in those times,

  • Hand to hand combat
  • Weapon sparring
  • Archery
  • Horseback fighting

Anything related to fighting which was, something that happened regularly was a martial art.

This might also be reason why people are losing interest in martial arts. If you’d like to know from where I came up with the fact that people are losing interest in martial arts you can read a previous blog post – Top 150 List Of Popular Types Of Martial Arts Styles. Where we analysed the amount of searches that were being done on martial arts each year.

Surviving was the main purpose martial arts held throughout history. Though what purpose do martial arts hold now?

What Is Martial Arts All About Nowadays?

We’re living in a civilized time, why would we need martial arts?

Well I’ll tell you what is martial arts about,

I hope this answers your question on what is martial arts about. I don’t think I can really expand much more on this question. The points I listed are quite self explanatory.

Concluding The Purpose Of Martial Arts

Well to summarise what we said. In the past martial arts purpose was more for survival. Nowadays even though we don’t need to rely that much on martial arts to survive, it still might come in handy for things like bullying or domestic violence.

Anyways if you’ve got more question about the purpose of martial arts feel free to ask me. Also leave a comment if you interpret this question differently, I’d like to get all philosophical with you guys.

What Is Martial Arts About? Purpose Of Martial Arts
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What Is Martial Arts About? Purpose Of Martial Arts
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