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Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT

Living in the nice quiet town of Enfield CT, well good for you mate. Today we’re going to be looking at the very best villari martial arts enfield ct has to offer. So does shaolin kempo karate sound like the martial art for you?

If you’d like to learn more about Fredrick J. Villari’s martial art, shaolin kempo karate you can check out this post that gives you a great idea about what to expect from shaolin kempo karate I wrote a few weeks ego.

Before starting this list I would like to add that, the dojos listed below are in no particular order. If you know or own a villari martial arts center in enfield ct that was not included in this list and would like to have it placed here. Feel free to contact us and we will list it here for free.

Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT

Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT

Let’s start listing all the villari martial arts center’s in Enfield CT while giving some details so that you can properly choose the dojo you personally prefer.

1) Villari’s Martial Arts Center

Villari's Martial Arts Center

The first shaolin kempo karate dojo in Enfield CT, that we’re going to be discussing about is called Villari’s Martial Arts Center. This dojo has been established in 1968 and still going strong, with a 4.9/5 rating from google reviews. If you’d like to give them a visit their address is:

Hazard Ave Enfield,
CT 06082

Contact them by email at

Has this Enfield CT villari martial art dojo got your attention so far? We’ll if you’d like to learn more about what there all about, they’ve got a really great website you can check out. Explaining the ages that are available, the benefits of learning villari martial arts and some more interesting information about there school.

Before you go check out this dojo, i’ll give you one quick tip. Check out there website, and on the right side of there page they have a sign up form. Make sure to fill it up so that you could get a discount on your first month of training.

Concluding The Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT

Currently there only seems to be one villari martial arts enfield ct dojo. Though from all the positive feedback I got from this martial arts school I don’t think you have to worry there going to be taking advantage of this.

Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT
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Best Villari Martial Arts Center’s In Enfield CT
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