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Used Karate Equipment {Find Best Places To Buy}

So your thinking of buying used karate equipment. What brought you to deciding that you’d rather buy used martial arts equipment over new karate equipment?

To be honest I don’t blame you. At some point in our lives, everyone will go through a tough time where we need to cut down on our expenses. Buying karate equipment isn’t cheap. I’ve recently written an article on how to get free martial arts lessons, it should provide you with some great ideas till you get everything under control again.

If you can get the same piece of karate equipment for half the price why not get it used. On today’s blog post we’re going to be learning about situations where you should:

  • Buy used karate equipment
  • When you should buy new karate equipment
  • Compromises
  • And pretty much everything that has to do with used karate equipment

Used Karate Equipment {Find Best Places To Buy}

Where To Buy Used Karate Equipment Ideas

I’m sure most of you guys just want to know from where you can get used karate equipment. Instead of me ranting about when I would or wouldn’t get used karate equipment. That’s why firstly we’re going to be discussing places, that I have went when I needed to get something at a cheaper price.

Get Used Karate Equipment From Local Dojo’s

This is most probably the fastest and best way to get really cheap used equipment. So many people end up quitting karate. What happens to all the equipment they bought?

Yup it’s there in there closet gathering dust. Most people don’t want it after they quit. Though they don’t usually throw it out due to the equipment being quite expensive. By going to local karate dojos you can ask the sensei:

  • Whether there school re-sells ex-students equipment.
  • If they know a place where they sell used karate equipment. Or maybe another dojo they recommend there ex-students to go to after they give up on karate and want to sell off their equipment.
  • Whether they can give you the number of someone in your size that has quit karate recently.
  • If a current student outgrew his equipment, therefore does not need it.

Don’t be shy to go ask, most sensei’s will gladly help you out even if you don’t go to there dojo. They want people like you, it helps them as well. If they had an ex-student that doesn’t want there equipment and there dojo managed to sell it off, it’s good PR for the dojo. The student is more likely to recommend that dojo to a friend who’s thinking of starting karate because the school helped him out even after he quit.

This can also be applied to current students, especially if your buying the karate equipment for a child that will most likely outgrow the equipment in a year or two. The parents of the child that are selling it will be happy because they got something out of something relatively useless, while you got the cheap equipment you needed. Like the other scenario this is great PR for the karate school.

Using Social Media To Buy Used Karate Equipment

Here we’re going to be using social media to find people that want to sell there used karate equipment.

The first thing we can do is. Go on some of your local trading/recycling facebook pages/groups and ask if anyone has any karate equipment. I’ve seen a lot of ex-karate students giving their equipment for free on recycling pages. It’s worth your time to go check them out.

The second thing we’re going to be doing is. Checking local dojo’s facebook pages/groups and asking there. Here we’re going to have a wide targeted audience. Unlike the trading/recycling facebook pages/groups where you have a lot of people that have never practiced karate. On these local dojo’s facebook pages/groups everyone has practiced karate at one point in there lives. Hence they will more likely have used karate equipment to sell.

Not to mention that people rarely leave these groups, they just stop interacting with the conversation. What does this mean to us. Yup your right a bunch of people with used karate equipment that they don’t need. Than Boom they see your post wanting to buy karate equipment and you’ve got the classical win-win situations.

Another tactic you can use though to be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re really desperate. I’m just going to right it cos I thought of it. See the people that are in the local dojo facebook page/group and private message them individually whether they have karate equipment they no longer need.

Buying Used Karate Equipment Online

In this modern era we’re living in, buying online has become a norm. So another option you have is to buy the used karate equipment online. There is a downside to this though, it usually takes about a month for the equipment to arrive.

I’d go to either ebay or amazon or any other platform you use to buy stuff online. I’m personally familiar with these two sites therefore I usually buy all my products from them. The great thing about buying used karate equipment online is that, you can compare prices easier. Without the need of negotiating a price, that is unless you’re into that thing.

What I Think About Buying Used Karate Equipment

That’s pretty much how you can buy used karate equipment. Now I would like to add what I think about getting used vs new karate equipment.

First I’m going to start with the most obvious reason when used equipment is obviously better than new equipment. If your financially bad at the moment just go for the used equipment. It’s not worth putting a bigger strain on your already bad situation.

If your starting your first martial art. I don’t want to be negative though you don’t know yet whether you’re even going to like the sport. Firstly don’t buy any equipment until you at least spend a month practicing. You don’t need to have to spend a lot of money in the beginning and your sensei should respect that. Now after the month has passed, and it looks like your digging karate. Sure go ahead and buy the karate equipment you need.

Following with the starting your first martial art, I would still recommend buying used equipment though. Even if you know that you like the martial art I think it would be better to at first get used equipment. Than when your getting more serious about karate sure get the good stuff, why not.

If we’re talking about buying karate equipment for kids. Don’t bother with buying them new equipment, it simply ain’t worth it. The little guys grow up so fast, that they will not fit there equipment the next year. I would rather find another parent that has previously bought her child the karate equipment and buy it off her. She might even give it to you for free.

Concluding Used Karate Equipment

That’s all I’ve got related to this subject. So do you guys have any questions? Or maybe you’ve got a great idea about where you can find used karate equipment. Whatever it is feel free to leave a comment down below.

Used Karate Equipment {Find Best Places To Buy}
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Used Karate Equipment {Find Best Places To Buy}
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