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Seiken Shukumine Founder Of Taido Karate

Seiken Shukumine founder of not one but two martial arts, yet for some reason no one really mentions his name. Today we’re going to be writing a biography-ish type of article about Seiken Shukumine. In the hopes, to raise awareness about all the great things he’s done for the martial art community.

Seiken Shukumine Founder Of Taido Karate

What Martial Arts Did Seiken Shukumine Found

I’m just going to start with Seiken Shukumine most influential achievements in the martial arts community. Seiken Shukumine founded 2 martial arts named:

  1. Genseiryū
  2. Taido or Taido Karate


Genseiryū was the first martial art Seiken Shukumine founded in 1953 at the age of just 28. I think that really tells a lot about a person. To be creating a martial art when you only 28 years old that’s insane. Even though Genseiryū is still alive today, it didn’t really make much of an impact.

Well Seiken Shukumine had abandoned Genseiryū in 1965 to start another martial art that would  later be called Taido Karate. Essentially Genseiryū was just a slightly altered version of Okinawa Karate. I think Seiken Shukumine realised it wasn’t really going to go anywhere and decided to just abandon it.

The only reason that Genseiryū survived, was because some of Seiken Shukumine students were so against Taido Karate. That they decided to take over the martial art themselfs. Sadly the Genseiryū didn’t really get close to the fame Taido Karate did. Anyways I’ll later make another post on Genseiryū, to not get out of topic.

Taido Karate

Taido also known as Taido Karate was the second martial art Seiken Shukumine founded. He believed that traditional Okinawa Karate was becoming to slow and outdated. When compared to the modern martial arts that where coming out.

Since Genseiryū, was pretty much a slightly altered form of traditional Okinawa Karate. He realised that it would be impractical to reconstruct the whole thing into a more dynamic martial art. Therefore Seiken Shukumine abandoned Genseiryū and restarted from scratch with Taido.

When Seiken Shukumine said he wanted a faster paced martial art, a fast paced martial art is what he gave us. I’m not even sure why it’s called Taido Karate, it literally looks nothing like karate.

Taido literally looks like it came straight out of an anime. If you’d like to learn more about taido, I’ve written an article yesterday called Taido & Taido Karate Are They Just Capoeira Rip-Offs

When Was Seiken Shukumine Born

Seiken Shukumine was born in 9 December 1925, in Nago on the Japanese island of Okinawa

How did Seiken Shukumine Die

Sensei Shukumine died from cardiac arrest in November 2001, he was only 75 years old.

Seiken Shukumine History

At the age of 8 in 1933 Seiken Sensei was introduced to Koryū Karate Grandmaster Ankō Sadoyama. This is when Seiken Shukumine started to embark on his martial arts journey. Till the age of 14 in 1939, Sensei Shukumine was still under the wing of Ankō Sadoyama.

It was at this age, that another Sensei by the name of Soko Kishimoto, had recognised his talentents. Sensei Shukumine accepted, and know he was learning the way of the Kishimoto-dī from Soko Kishimoto.

Seiken Shukumine Second World War

Everything was going great for Seiken Shukumine. Till the dreadful day he turned 18 years old, and now forced to join the Japanese Kamikaze Corps.

Seiken Shukumine role in the second world war was to navigate the ship and deliver explosives. While managing the ships Sensei Shukumine, had a lot of time to think about what he had learned from his teachers.

Some say, that he transferred his martial arts teachings, into his ship driving techniques. In order to dodge incoming missiles and attacks. Somehow, he survived the war, even though he was practically in a suicide mission carrying suicidal bombs.

He returned back home, to find everything he loved gone. This lead to a few years of depression, than decided to start developing his own martial art. In order to create something better for the new generation and that’s pretty much it for Seiken Shukumine Pre-Taido history.

Here’s an actual footage of Shukumine Sensei performing Enmei no Hokei. I believe this is one of the very few footages we have of Seiken Shukumine.

Seiken Shukumine Accomplishments and Achievements

Now that we’re finished with Seiken Shukumine Pre-Taido days. We will list some more accomplishments he managed to achieve in his lifetime.

  1. October 2, 1955 – Sensei Shukumine appeared on Nippon Television to demonstrate different styles of Karate.
  2. June 19, 1967 – He organised the first national champion of Taido.
  3. 1983 – Seiken Shukumine created the World Taido Federation (WTF).
  4. 1984 – The first Taido international championship in Tokyo.
  5. 1987 –  The first Taido european championship in Sweden.

Concluding Sensei Shukumine Founder Of Taido Karate

A really amazing man, and a great martial artist. Even though short lived, he managed to achieve so much in his 75 years of life.

If I had to pick my favourite Seiken Shukumine achievement, out of all the things he’s done. It would be the founding of Taido Karate. Not because I think it’s an effective martial art, not at all in fact. The whole style however, looks like tons of fun to train and show off.


Seiken Shukumine Founder Of Taido Karate
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