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Learn About Sam Sade Founder Of Alpha Krav Maga

Yesterday we talked about this rather new martial art coming out of Krav Maga Worldwide called International Alpha Krav Maga. Today we are going to be exploring more about the founder of IAKM Sam Sade rather than the martial art itself.

Learn About Sam Sade The Founder Of Alpha Krav Maga

Sam Sade Professional Fights

We’re gonna start this article maybe a bit in the negative but don’t get the wrong impression about our man, Sam sade.

Sam Sade has only fought professionally once in June 18, 2005 at the Shooto battle at the ballpark event. Unfortunately for Sam Sade his debut fight was a bit of a disappointment. Getting K.O.’ed by Ryan Delorenzo in just 1.09 minutes. Here’s Sam Sade Professional fight if you’d like to watch it.

I’m sure this isn’t what you were expecting to find when you were looking up sam sade the founder of International Alpha Krav Maga. Especially if you were just thinking of joining one of those IAKM gyms.

Relax a bit, Sam Sade had a couple of drawbacks in this fight.

  • This is sam sade’s first fight.
  • Not to mention he’s 41 years old in this video, professional fighting athletes usually retire by the age of 38.
  • He hadn’t even formed IAKM yet

Sadly this is probably Sam Sade’s only professional fight as of now he’s 54 years old (2018).

Sam Sade Featured On National Geographic Fight Science

In 2010 Sam Sade was featured in a full episode of National Geographic Fight Science. Were scientists and 2 other famous martial artists:

  • Amir Perets
  • Kelly Campbell

Worked together to find out how deadly certain attacks are using high tech equipment. If you haven’t already seen this great piece of work I really recommend you to watch it. Here’s the full video:

About Sam Sade

Sam Sade was born and raised in the city of Haifa, Israel in August 19, 1964. Much like any other Israelis he joined the army were he served as a airborne infantry in the 1st Lebanon war. While serving the army Sam Sade also started weight training.

After finishing his service with the army Same Sade continued in his studies for:

  • Sports
  • Education
  • Nutrition

Sam Sade Starting His Real Journey

In 1986 Sam Sade decided to take his bodybuilding passion to the next level by traveling to Los Angeles, CA and becoming bodybuilding partners with Mr. California. After he was done training with Mr. California Sam Sade decided to go back to Israel were he opened a gym and started training other people bodybuilding.

He had quite a success with his bodybuilding passion.

  • Became Mr.Israel not once, but twice in a row. Now that’s impressive.
  • 2 of his students managed to also be awarded Mr.Israel.

In 1995 at the age of 31 Sam Sade started his path towards martial arts, in just two and a half years Sam Sade was a first degree black belt in Krav Maga. The first person in israel to get a Krav Maga black belt in so little time. This wasn’t easy though our man Sam Sade said that he used to train 4 hours every day. He had trained at a Krav Maga school in Haifa but that’s not all, Sam Sade while training krav maga was also learning Thai boxing with Master Shuki Ron.

After the passing of Imi Lichtenfeld Sam Sade decided that he should become one of the lead instructor for Krav Maga worldwide. Expending Krav Maga schools all around the world, but that all changed once he decided that Krav Maga might not have been the perfect martial art he once taught it was.

In 2004 Sam Sade become the thai boxing champion.

2008 was the year Sam Sade won the bronze medal from the very first PAN AM JIU JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2008.

In 2013 Sam Sade created Alpha Krav Maga which is claimed to be an improved version of Krav Maga. I think it really all depends on the person learning the martial art.

General information about Sam Sade

If your interested in knowing more about Sam Sade you can directly talk to him on:

Sam Sade Conclusion

So did you learn anything new today? hope you did. Anyways Sam is a great guy, determined and definitely worth training under. Would love to see your comments about Sade or maybe some experiences you have meeting the guy.

Learn About Sam Sade Founder Of Alpha Krav Maga
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