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Premier Martial Arts What Is It Maybe A Mcdojo?

The new craze of martial arts, PMA in short for Premier Martial Arts. Sounds kinda cringy doesn’t it but is it? Today we’re going to be learning about Premier Martial Arts the goods the bads and everything in between.

Premier Martial Arts What Is It Maybe A Mcdojo

What is Premier Martial Arts

We’ve already established that the name Premier Martial Arts is cringy, but wait till you see the official premier martial arts commercial.

Thats cringe gold, anyways enough with the joking of this martial art and let’s start learning what this martial art is really all about.

Premier Martial Arts in a nutshell is the combination of:

PMA pretty much has everything a good martial art should have, lets elaborate more on each point.

Premier Martial Arts & Physical Fitness

The first part of Premier Martial Arts that we’re going to be discussing is physical fitness. Physical fitness is like upgrading your bodies default power by this I mean, increasing strength and endurance.

You can have the best martial arts techniques but if each punch or kick you land has no effect on your opponent he’s easily going to overpower you.

Same goes for endurance if you’ve got the skills but not the juice your going to run out of steam quickly, hence end up losing the fight due to fatigue.

This is why sometimes we see bodybuilders beating up martial artists. In a fighting system you need to have a balance of everything in order to maximise your performance in a fight.

My thoughts on this is rather bipolar though. I can understand the need to improve physical fitness at the same time I think this should be done outside the dojo. As this wastes a lot of time from the lesson despite of I would still add it into the belt requirements.

Premier Martial Arts and Krav Maga / Kickboxing

Premier Martial Arts doesn’t exactly have it’s own fighting style. Instead it copies techniques from other great martial arts.

The two martial arts Premier Martial Arts incorporates for it’s stand up fighting are Krav Maga and Kickboxing.

Krav Maga’s fighting style is more tailored for street fights. It was designed by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and has been very effective at giving people the proper skill set to defend themselves on the streets.

Kickboxings fighting style is more sportish if you will. I’m not saying it’s a weaker form of martial art I’ve written a whole article explaining why kickboxing is a martial art.

As you can see in the above video kickboxing also packs a great punch.

My thoughts on the combination of these two martial arts for Premier Martial Arts stand up fighting style is, great. Having these two styles integrated into 1 gives you the best of both worlds. Both have been proven to be effective, while they give you a chance to compete in tournaments they also have the addition skills that come in handy outside the ring.

Premier Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ the backbone of MMA, my second favourite martial art. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is used as the ground fighting style of Premier Martial Arts. Though BJJ is not effective in street fights on its own, combined with a stand up fighting style can add so much to your overall fighting skills.

  • Understanding locks
  • Escaping locks
  • Using locks

My thoughts on adding BJJ as Premier Martial Arts main ground fighting style is also, great. I usually recommended all my friends that practice a stand up fighting style to cross train their martial art with BJJ. No fighting style is fully complete without a bit of ground fighting.

Off-topic: This is the reason why I beat almost all of my friends that practice stand up martial arts in sparring matches. There lack of ground control makes them siting ducks once I take them down.

Premier Martial Arts and Kali

Kali the filipino martial art, used by Premier Martial Arts as there weapon fighting system. Kali is a different martial art than most because of the use of weapons. This gives PMA martial artists the advantage of sparring with sticks and knives. This improves your street fighting by:

  • Learn how to use weapons
  • Defend against weapons

I think this is an awesome implementation into there fighting system. Learning a weapon martial art will give you a tremendous advantage over anyone in the streets assuming you can find something as weapon at that particular moment.

Premier Martial Arts and Discipline

Discipline training is just as good as any other form of training, in fact it might even be better in this modernised time. Having discipline means:

  • learning to respect people and yourself.
  • Setting a schedule.
  • Avoiding bad habits.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Doing things you don’t feel like.

This could be something really good for you if you suffer from procrastination or have bad habits you want to quit.

Discipline is also very appealing to parents with young kids. That’s why some parents look into sending their kids to a martial art school. I’ve previously wrote the benefits of sending kids to a martial arts school you can read more on that article here ‘Is Karate For Kids‘.

Premier Martial Arts and Empowerment

Empowerment not to be confused with overconfidence or stubbornness. This isn’t something that Premier Martial Arts really focuses on, it’s more of a by-product that comes from learning martial arts in general.

Premier Martial Arts and Realism

Probably the most important thing to have in a martial art and Premier Martial Arts has it, what do I mean when I say Realism or as Matt Thornton calls it ‘Aliveness‘?

By this I mean that you actually do full contact sparring, if you only train techniques but never practice executing them on an opponent you might as well learn martial arts online.

Here’s a video of Matt Thornton explaining the meaning of aliveness and why it’s so important.

Is Premier Martial Arts a mcdojo?

The question you’ve all been waiting to hear so is Premier Martial Arts a mcdojo?

No Premier Martial Arts is not a mcdojo. Though this doesn’t mean that all Premier Martial Arts schools are equal. You will find some that tarnish the name but for the most part there quite good.

Who owns Premier Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts was founded by 7th Degree Black Belt, Barry Van Over. Hes one of the martial arts big shots who has helped many martial art schools grow big. If you’d like to to check more about this guy he’s got his own website

What I think of Premier Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts is a really good fighting system to learn. I kinda see it as the way MMA will eventually evolve into. I don’t mean MMA will become Premier Martial Arts what I’m saying is that before we used to have a single fighting style, than when we started combining fighting styles everything became MMA. What Premier Martial Arts did was, distinguish the styles being taught instead of just calling it MMA.

If you’d like to learn more about Premier Martial Arts they’ve got a great website I definitely recommend you guys to check it out. They also got a youtube channel so go subscribe and keep up to date with whats going on in the Premier Martial Arts scene.

Hope you learning something about Premier Martial Arts today. If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask.

Premier Martial Arts What Is It Maybe A Mcdojo?
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Premier Martial Arts What Is It Maybe A Mcdojo?
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