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Martial Arts Training Stand Training Exercises

The martial arts training stand, quite an old yet still highly effective piece of equipment. Have you already bought a martial arts training stand? or are you planning to do so?

Today we’re going to learn about martial arts training stands.

  • What are the benefits of using one of these training stands
  • Training exercises we can perform on these training stands

Martial Arts Training Stand Training Exercises

Martial Arts Training Stand Benefits And Training Exercises

Using a martial arts training stand wilds quite some great benefits towards improving your martial arts in general. The main benefits are

Great Aerobic Martial Arts Training Exercise

If your looking for an aerobic exercise with a martial arts element. The martial arts training stand is one of the best pieces of equipment to have.

Aerobic training helps you too:

  • Last longer in fights
  • Burn fat

I don’t think I need to express the importance of being able to last more than 5 minutes in a fight without losing all your breath. If your someone who loses his breath quite quickly, practicing with a martial arts training stand could help you last longer in fights.

How can we do that, you might ask. Don’t worry my man I got you covered.

Using A Martial Arts Training Stand To Last Longer In Fights

  1. Start by hitting the martial arts training stand lightly for about 1 minute (Put a stopwatch in front of you)
  2. After the minute is up, you go full on beast mode. Beast mode meaning that you start hitting the martial arts training stand as quickly and strongly as you can for about 30 seconds.
  3. Once the 30 seconds are up you don’t stop but go back to hitting the martial arts training stand lightly for another minute.

Depending on how out of shape or physically fit you are, you can increase the amount of time you spend doing this exercise drill. The longer you last the longer you can stay in a fight without running out of juice.

This is an incredibly good exercise for martial artists. The reason is that when your in a fight, your going to be lightly striking than you see an opening and boom you go beast mode to take your opponent down. Though if your opponent defends and starts striking back you need to lightly block his techniques.

This martial arts training stand exercise drill, stimulates what the body goes through during a fight. Therefore it’s a very great exercise to implement into your life.

Using A Martial Arts Training Stand To Burn Up Fat

Maybe you’ve been taking way too many late night snacks or you’ve simply gotten a bit lazier, I won’t judge you my man. Though if you’ve came to the conclusion that you need to shake of some pounds, power to ya man.

I would pretty much recommend the same exercise we did when we were talking about, using a martial arts training stand to last longer in fights.

Besides the fact that it’s a cooler exercise than taking walks to burn up fat. It confuses your body, by this I mean that you should not just use the training stand to lose fat. This is because our body has mechanics that learn our exercise habits thus making that said exercise ‘more efficient’. By more efficient I mean that our body learns how to spend less energy hence calories while doing a particular exercise. Therefore by adding this martial arts training stand exercise drill to our list of fat loss exercises, we will be confusing our body from predicting what we are going to do. Thereby the exercise drill will stay effective at burning fat.

Increases Accuracy Of Your Strikes

Since martial arts training stands have a lot of pieces sticking out of them, we can focus on targeting a lot of different areas. This helps us to increase the accuracy of our strikes. If we were simply shadow boxing, we would not be hitting anything. Therefore we wouldn’t be focusing that much on accuracy, which is quite important in a fight. It’s futile to have the fastest strikes, if you still can’t aim.

Greatly Improves The Strength Of Your Palm Strikes

Martial arts training stands are build with quite strong materials. Therefore every time we hit them, they are going to send the same force back to our hand. If you paid attention in physics you’d know of Newton’s Third Law, For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Much like the previous example, if your simply shadowboxing, your not going to have the same experience. The importance of actually hitting something over just striking air is so big. Training with a martial arts training stand is way more realistic because of this tiny difference.

Besides the increased realism, it also develops your strikes. Meaning that they feel less pain while striking. Hence making them stronger, as now you know what a strike feels like. If you never hit something while drilling, you might hurt yourself when striking against an opponent.

Something that really got me inspired to buy one of these training stands, was this video:

I think you guys will enjoy this guy. Personally I got a lot of great ideas on how to train with a martial arts training stand from watching this video. I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Where Can You Buy Martial Arts Training Stands

Well if your looking to buy a martial arts training stand I would recommend getting it from either ebay or amazon.

If you don’t have a lot of money, there are a lot of youtube videos showing you how you can make one yourself, such as this video.

You can also get a woodworker to make you one, though discuss the price beforehand to see if it would be worth the price.

Concluding Martial Arts Training Stand Training Exercises

I don’t really have anything else to add about this great piece of training equipment. If you think you’d enjoy go get yourself one, you will not be disappointed. If you guys got anything else to add about this subject, or you’ve got questions feel free to write me a comment down below.

Martial Arts Training Stand Training Exercises
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