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Martial Arts With Glasses {How I Deal With It}

I’ve been using glasses since I was in primary school, back then getting glasses was a nightmare especially in a class where no one wore them. Thankfully nowadays glasses came in fashion somehow but looking fabulous is not why we are here. So you practice or want to start some sort of martial art but concerned whether glasses are going to get in the way. You’re in luck this week’s topic on hammer fist mondays is martial arts with glasses.

Martial Arts With Glasses

Take Them Off While Sparring Or Doing Drills

What I used to do when I first started training karate was, wearing my glasses while the sensei was explaining the technique, than before the drill started I would put them somewhere where they would not get damaged. It’s a bit of a hassle having to go get them every time the sensei shows us a new move so what I did was I got one of those Sunglasses holder straps from a shop near me for just about 4 bucks.

These straps are amazing they hold your glasses really well so that while you’re moving around, jumping, doing push ups, kicking, etc the glasses stay in place. I still removed them when we were going to spar together or do some form of training which involved having to be partners with someone but at least I didn’t have to remove them for drill’s because they would fall off while moving around.

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Contact Lenses

Some people love them while others despise them. At first I was skeptic of them, there were a lot of scary stories revolving around contacts back then and placing things on my eye was definitely not something I wanted to experience. I really didn’t like glasses back then, thinking back that’s what probably encouraged me to give contacts a try.

I remember placing them on the first time I kid you not it took me an hour and a half to get them both in, strangely I got them out instantly. Nowadays I put them on in less than 5 minutes without a mirror, contacts where my true solution to overcoming this vision problem in martial arts, I kept using them as I went through karate, BJJ, MMA and HEMA. The main reason why contacts are just a perfect replacement for glasses is that you can keep them on all the time even while sparring. I would definitely recommended trying to use contacts it’s not gonna be easy at first to get used to them but once you get the hang of it you’ll kick yourself for not trying them sooner. Know I understand some of you guys have a phobia for things near your eyes it’s quite common, just skip the next paragraph of this article and I’ll get back with you but first I’m going to give some tips on using contacts.

If you’re going to opt for contacts to fix all your glasses problems in martial arts I would suggest that you :

  1. Buy a good reputable brand.
  2. Make sure to follow the instructions on the box.
  3. Buy proper contact lenses liquid, and don’t place them in normal water while the contact lenses are not in your eyes.
  4. Keep a contact lense container and a contact lense liquid with you all the time just in case they start to feel strange.
  5. Never keep them on at night.
  6. Remove them while you are home so that your eyes have time to rest.
  7. Never use them past their expiration date.

Sports Goggles With Prescription Lenses

I have never used these but if I knew about them before contacts I might have opted for them and they seem quite interesting. There purpose is specifically for martial arts. The design is made so that if you were to take a hit they would hurt less than normal glasses and there material is meant to withstand blows glasses would normally break at. There price really surprised me as they only seem to be around the 100 dollars range, if what they say is true about them it’s definitely a good price my normal glasses cost more than that.

Another benefit these goggles might have is if you suffer from flinching while sparring I would have tried these goggles for sure in my younger days, those that have been following my blog for a while now know how much I used to suffer from flinching while sparring having a protective layer in front of your eyes would definitely make you feel more protected.

The only thing I don’t like about these goggles is there looks, they kinda look goofy. I would only recommend using these though if your vision is really bad while sparring or your having a really hard time getting over your flinching reflex. But on the other hand if you got some money to spend there not that expensive so if there looks don’t bother you they could potentially make your martial arts lessons more enjoyable.

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Martial Arts With Glasses {How I Deal With It}
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Martial Arts With Glasses {How I Deal With It}
The Martial Arts With Glasses Life Doesn't Have To Be Hard Mate. I Wrote Down 3 Solutions I Used To Get Over This Issue, For 4-Eye's Like Me.
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