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Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites That Are Actually Active

This one’s for all my Kung Fu fans, as today we’re going to be looking at other Kung Fu blogs. I feel that I have grown a bit since I first started here on martial arts nerd. Therefore I decided to help out some of the current active Kung Fu websites that are actively putting out content.

This is how it’s going to work. Unlike other sites where they just list any Kung Fu blog there lazy eyes lay on. Without bothering or having the decency to check whether the kung fu website is still active, or hasn’t posted for like a decade. We’re going to be listing Kung Fu blogs that have at least posted one blog post or article in the last 3 months.

One last thing before we begin, none of these Kung Fu blogs have paid me. I’m simply listing all the active Kung Fu websites. If you happen to own or know of an active Kung Fu blog that I didn’t mention in this, Top Kung Fu blogs & websites that are actually active article. Feel free to contact me and we’ll have them listed as soon as possible.

Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites That Are Actually Active

Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites

I think that’s pretty much rounds up the introduction and we’re ready to get started listing all the Kung Fu blogs and websites.


For our 1st active Kung Fu blog or website, we’re going to start with my all time favourite website, reddit.

I can already see some of you guys eye rolling, it’s not that hard and trust me once you understand how it works your gonna love it. All that Reddit essentially is, a place where people share and discuss content on.

Depending on how important or dumb that content is, it gets upvoted and downvoted. The more upvotes the more it stays on reddit’s front page, before being replaced by newer content.

You might think that reddit is too big, there’s going to be so much content unrelated to Kung Fu. That’s where the beauty of reddit truly shines, it’s subreddits within reddit itself have niched parts that only talk about specific subjects.

Today there where 3 new posts with 6 comments on Kung Fu Martial arts subreddit. It’s safe to say that this Kung Fu subreddit is quite active and you’ll definitely have a great time interacting with it’s users. Here’s a quick 2 minute video that pretty much explains how reddit works.

Austin Kung Fu Academy Blog

For our 2nd Kung Fu Blog, we’ve got Austin Kung Fu Academy. These guys actually teach Kung Fu as there job. They do Kung Fu with a burning passion.

I have no idea how they manage to blog everyday, with there insane teaching schedule. These guys literally breath Kung Fu.

There posts seem to cover, anything related to Kung fu but most especially:

  • Benefits Kung Fu has on kids and adults
  • Philosophical Kung Fu topics
  • Video’s showing certain Kung Fu techniques
  • Fun and interesting things in general about Kung Fu

Here’s there most recent as of today video to get a sample of who these guys are:

There really cool people and I think you guys would enjoy reading some of their posts every now and again.

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

For our 3rd place in this Kung Fu blogs and websites we’ve got a man that I’m sure you’ve all heard of  Jake Mace.

I know he’s not technically a Kung Fu blog nor a Kung Fu website but a Kung Fu youtuber. Though let’s be real you can’t not place the number 1 Kung Fu youtuber if not the number 1 martial arts youtuber.

Looking at his Social Blade statics the dude got:

  • 1,231 Videos
  • 1,096,661 Subscribers
  • 135,109,831 Video Views

He’s uploaded 16 videos in these last 3 months, I think it’s safe to say that he’s still an active content provider for anyone looking to further improve his Kung Fu. His channel pretty much talks about anything related to Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

There might be some Tai Chi videos that would not be an interest to you. Still if your looking for people in the Kung Fu niche to follow, Jake Mace is definitely your guy.

I would advise that he’s not exactly the best Kung Fu practitioner. He’s got some goofy stuff that make me cringe sometimes but overall I would definitely check out. Here’s a video by him that I liked as I’m a giant fan of the bo staff.

Kung Fu Magazine

For our 4th place we’ve got a Kung Fu forum. Sure again this might not be a Kung Fu blog or a Kung Fu website though I think it’s an important thing to be apart of in today’s online community.

It’s kinda similar to the subreddit we mentioned. To be honest depending on the free time you’ve got I would rather being part of reddit’s community than of Kung Fu Magazine.

Why, simply because I love the format of reddit better than forums. If your the other way round and don’t have much time dump reddit and socialise on Kung Fu Magazine.

If you’ve got a lot of free time heck, join both Kung Fu forums and you’ll have a lot more things to learn and argue about.

Kung Fu Magazine is quite active, looking at their page there seems to be at least 8 comments yesterday.

Kung Fu Tea

For our 5th Kung Fu blog we’ve got none other than one of my favourite martial arts blogs Kung Fu Tea. There main niche is martial arts history though they publish quite a lot of Kung Fu content. I’m sure you’ll enjoy skimming through there articles.

There articles are more information based than fun, so depending on your likes you might either really love this blog or just end up falling asleep.

If your into in depth content go check it out.

If your more into bite sized fun kinda articles I don’t think you’ll really enjoy Kung Fu Tea.

As for there activity, they post around 2 articles a week, quite a lot for there depth to be honest. For those into learning martial arts history seriously subscribe to their newsletter. There not going to be sending spam every day. 1 or 2 posts a week is all your getting and you’ll have something interesting to read, while your taking that sweet morning tea.

New Life Kung Fu

And for the 6th blog, we’ve got New Life Kung Fu. To be fair I only listed this blog because:

  1. His last post is 2 months old, therefore still probably active.
  2. It’s somewhat related to Kung Fu .

I wouldn’t really bother with this blog that much, sure it has some form of Kung Fu content. Though it seems to be more of a food and weight-loss kinda blog than a Kung Fu blog.

If your into Kung Fu to lose weight and eat healthier, than this guy is your man. If your goal with Kung Fu isn’t that I wouldn’t really bother checking him out.

Wing Chun Life

For our 7th Kung Fu Blog, we’ve got a more niched Kung Fu blog as it’s more tailored to a subtype of Kung Fu called Wing Chun.

This blog is sort of the bipolar opposite of the Kung Fu Tea blog we listed in 5th place. It’s specific for Wing Chun practitioners, though the content is more fun and digestible.

Some posts are less than a 100 words if you know what I mean, not the most detailed. Though there not bad and straight to the point.

  • If your into in-depth content this Kung Fu blog aint for you
  • If you like small posts related to kung fu you’re gonna love it.

It’s personally not my thing but whatever floats your boat I guess.

As for activity, Wing Chun Life posts about 2 articles per month give or take. For the quality of the content it’s a really low amount of posts.

Bo Law Kung Fu

For our 8th Kung Fu blog we’ve got Bo Law Kung Fu. There more of a Kung Fu school that happens to blog, than an actual Kung Fu blog.

Eh what can I say, not really impressed the format of his blog looks really boring. The content looks really bulky, no pictures, just endless text.

There are some interesting articles though I’ll give you that, I just checked on of his posts titled ‘WHAT’S THE POINT OF WEAPON TRAINING ANYWAY?’ . Not gonna lie it was an interesting read.

This Kung Fu blog is more like, there writers public diary. If your into reading what goes on in the mind of a New York Kung Fu teacher, this is your Kung Fu blog right here.

As for activity, he seems to post like once a week. To be fair he seems to have quite a training schedule and I don’t think he takes the blog that seriously. As in it’s more of a hobby thing to express his thoughts if you know what I mean.

Kung Fu For Life

For our 9th Kung Fu active blog we’ve got Kung Fu for life. There also a school residing in a city of Canada, called Calgary.

I’m really liking there blog, it’s really similar to our martial arts blog in terms of topics and the way content is done. Though it’s more niched to cover Kung Fu topics unlike us which cover everything under martial arts.

This kung fu blog covers topics like:

  • Benefits of Kung Fu
  • Philosophies around Kung Fu
  • The writers opinions on certain Kung Fu topics
  • General techniques in Kung Fu

As for activity, they seem to post like once a month. Not much, than again the posts are quite interesting so I think there worth checking out.

Silent River Kung Fu

10th Kung Fu blog we’re looking at is silent River Kung Fu. It’s not really my thing but let’s discuss it for those that are into these types of Kung Fu blogs.

There another Kung Fu school that blogs. There blog posts seem to be like that of the writers online public diary.

I don’t really see much value in these types of Kung Fu blogs as there usually just random thoughts the writer is thinking. Well to be honest I believe that’s what blogging is supposed to be, your thoughts. Than again I’m not into that I prefer article-ish types of blogs over these short form of articles that don’t really say much.

As for activity Silent River Kung Fu seems to post around 1 blog post every 2 weeks or so. Kind of like updating his followers on what his going through, that kinda thing.

Jook Lum Praying Mantis

For our 11th Kung Fu blog we’ve got another Kung Fu blog that specializes in Jook Lum Praying Mantis a subtype of Kung Fu. This also happens to be a kung fu school website  rather than a proper blog.

As for activity I was weary whether I should be listing them. As there last post happens to be a month ego yet there previous post was 7 months ego. So it’s not exactly the active I ment in this article, but hey maybe he’s going to start posting more soon.

His style of writing is quite of putting, I mean Praying Mantis dude ever heard of paragraphs. His articles are one big chunk of indigestible text. Though to be fair I still enjoyed his article, don’t tell him I said that.

They look genuine, maybe his writing skills aren’t yet. Than again he might have started the Kung Fu blog solely to improve his writing ability so I’m not judging. If you were to check my first few posts there horrible, actually don’t go check.

Kung Fu Princess

We’ve got Kung Fu Princess filling us the 12th Kung Fu blog spot. Really well made blog design, it puts mine to shame just saying.

Though when it comes to content, it might not really be what you’re looking for. She seems to post more about traveling and bike rides rather than Kung Fu. The only reason I listed her is because she made a martial arts related post yesterday. Other than that she hadn’t posted since february.

Content is well made and probably the best from the Kung Fu blogs, websites and forums we checked. When it comes to how there structured, with all the colors and everything it makes it quite digestible. I actually need to take some tips from her to improve my blog design.

As I said though, I wouldn’t follow her if I was strictly interested in Kung Fu.

Concluding Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites That Are Actually Active

Well that pretty much concludes, the top active Kung Fu blogs, websites, forums and youtubers. I hope you guys found at least one person from the list that resonates with you. If you know of any other active Kung fu blogs or websites feel free to contact me so that we can add them here.

One last shameless self promotion, we do have a Kung Fu section on this blog you might enjoy. Since we’re not primarily focused on Kung Fu, I wouldn’t recomand subscribing to us though do check out that section from time to time.


Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites That Are Actually Active
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Top Kung Fu Blogs & Websites That Are Actually Active
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