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Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Stamford, CT

Let’s give it up for our Stamford, CT Krav Maga readers. Today’s there day, we’re going to be talking about the best Krav Maga classes in Stamford, CT.

If you practice in a Krav Maga academy located in Stamford, CT that I did not mention. I’d really appreciate if you contacted me about it. look at it from your point of view, more students visiting that dojo which translates to more sparring buddies. Not to mention the foreign Krav Maga practitioners coming to your school for a friendly sparring match. That is if you’re into that thing.

If your the owner of a Krav Maga school in Stamford, CT feel free to tell me about your school. Don’t think I need to convince you why it would be better to have your school listed here for free now do I.

I will also add that the Krav Maga schools listed below are in no particular order. I am simply showing you what your options are while giving some feedback on each school. The schools I mention are in no way affiliated with me. Though I will remove schools if I hear something truly horrible happened in that Krav Maga Stamford, CT school.

Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Stamford, CT

Top Krav Maga Academy Classes In Stamford, CT

Enough chit chat, Let’s start discussing all the Krav Maga academies in Stamford, CT.

1) Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life

The first Krav Maga academy in Stamford, CT is Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life. Looking at the reviews for this school, I’m quite amazed actually. If your interested in giving them a visit, their address is:

48 Union Street,
CT 06906
(203) 355-9395

In case you have any questions you’d like to ask Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life. They’ve got an email address you could contact them by:

I’d also recommend you go visit there website. If you want to learn more about this amazing Krav Maga Stamford, CT academy. Though I will be discussing it a bit more on this blog post. Before that though here’s a video were this Krav Maga academy was actually featured on the news. In relation to the importance of learning self defense when your a teenager. You heard that parents of teenagers send your kids to a martial arts school now!

Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life Diversification Of Martial Arts Styles

The first great thing I saw with this school, that caught my eye is the different martial art styles that they teach. But I just want to learn Krav Maga you might say, well let me tell you why diverse martial arts styles and other fitness activities are great.

  • If your a teenager or adult, you’ll want to test you’re self-defense skills with as many different styles of fighters. Having multiple martial arts styles, will give you the chance to fight against multiple fighters that only want to practice one style of fighting. Not to mention that you will be able to create your own unique style of fighting.
  • If your sending your kid, different activities can help to keep them interest. If every time something new is happening they are more likely to stay motivated.

Some of the different activities besides Krav Maga that the Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life provide are:

  • Boxing
  • Fencing
  • Jazzercise
  • KO Fitness
  • Muay Thai
  • Zumba
  • Karate
  • Tang Soo Do

Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life Special Offer

Hey guys I got a secret to share with you, now don’t go off telling people I told you so. Head over to groupon where you can get 58% off your first month of unlimited Krav Maga Lessons from Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life. Yes you’ve heard right, pay 50$ instead of a 120$ for your first month.

If that doesn’t convince you to visit this great Krav Maga Stamford, CT school I don’t know what will. Seriously just check it out it’s only 50 bucks.  I know I’ll be going whenever I’m at Stamford, CT.

Concluding The Best Krav Maga Stamford, CT Academies

Well it seems that as of currently there is only one Krav Maga Class you can attend in Stamford, CT. Though I think that Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life is a great Krav Maga school and you’ll enjoy it. Anyways if you attend this Krav Maga academy, I would really appreciate if you left your honest review.

Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Stamford, CT
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