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Krav Maga San Antonio TX Best Academies Full List

Heey, Krav Maga San Antonio TX entustats, how we doing? Today we’re going to be looking at the best Krav Maga location one can train in San Antonio TX. Than in the end of the article we’re going to be giving out our honest opinion on what dojo we’d go to, depending on what we wish to achieve with our Krav Maga.

So that we’re all on the same page. We did not take any money from these San Antonio TX Krav Maga gyms in order to be listed. The purpose of this article is to provide anyone living or planning to go to San Antonio the necessary resources, to find the best Krav Maga location for there needs. Therefore if you own or go to a Krav Maga school within San Antonio TX, that was not listed here. Don’t hesitate to send us a message, and we’ll get it listed here as soon as possible.

One last thing before we actually start. We’re not going to be listing these Krav Maga San Antonio TX schools in any particular order. First school that sent us the request will be the one listed first.

Krav Maga San Antonio TX Best Academies Full List

Best Krav Maga Schools in San Antonio TX

And we’re done with the intro, lets get on with our main topic. The best Krav Maga Schools in San Antonio TX

STW Krav Maga Blanco

For our first San Antonio TX Krav Maga school, we’ve got STW Krav Maga founded in 2002. Earning a beautiful rating of 4.6 out of 5 (396 votes) on facebook. A disappointing 2.5 out of 5 (37 reviews) on yelp and another disappointing 3.2 out of 5 (66 votes) on google reviews.

STW Krav Maga has scored the lowest rating from all the martial art schools we’ve review on this Martial Arts blog. I’m really interested to find out why.

Apparently the negative reviews seem to be mainly coming from there imposible to get out of contract they lock you in. I wouldn’t really recomand these guys if your planing to just try out Krav Maga or maybe you’re planning to move out. Reading the reviews, it’s like trying to escape from a black belt Brazilian Jiu jitsu guard. Starting on a bad foot but let’s see what else they have to offer. If you’d like to visit them there address is:

18450 Blanco Rd #2,
San Antonio,
TX 78258,
+1 210-545-3900

If you’d like to learn more about what STW Krav Maga is all about, they’ve got a great website that pretty much answers all your questions.

STW Krav Maga Schedule Programs and Classes

They have 5 different types of STW Krav Maga programs that you could join, plus a kids program.

  • Self defence fighting
  • Core and fitness
  • Advanced performance exercise system
  • Teacher actions to save kids
  • Woman only self defence
  • Kids lessons from 8-12 years old.

I think all the classes are pretty self explanatory, except for one which I found quite interesting. ‘Teacher actions to save kids’ or as they call it T.A.S.K. Essentially it’s a program specific for teachers in case of an emergency. I find it interesting that martial arts schools are becoming niched, I think that’s a step that we’re going to be seeing more in the future.

As for STW Krav Maga’s schedule, they’ve got quite a lot of different lessons at different times. It’s quite a good schedule for anyone even if you’ve got dynamic work hours. Here’s STW Krav Maga schedule if you’d like to check it out yourself.

STW Krav Maga pricing mainly depends on what programs you’ll be taking, as not all classes cost the same. They also have packages that cheapen certain lesson. Best thing you can do to check out how much it will cost you, is to directly send them a message on either or on there facebook page.

I like that they give you a free trial as well. This way there’s really no reason for you not to check them out anyways. I mean it’s a free self defence lesson in San Antonio TX go claim that s*** boi.

STW Krav Maga Crossroads

For our 2nd San Antonio TX Krav Maga school we’ve got another STW Krav Maga school. Well there’s nothing really there to add that wasn’t already mentioned under STW Krav Maga Blanco.

If you’d like to visit STW Krav Maga Crossroads, there address is:

100 Crossroads Blvd #103,
San Antonio,
TX 78201,
+1 210-348-6127

Since it’s essentially the same school, I guess there’s nothing really to add.

Concluding Krav Maga San Antonio TX Best Academies Full List

Well there’s not much that we can recomand you guys on. As it’s the same Krav Maga school in different parts of San Antonio TX. So I guess the winner would be, the closest one to your house.







Krav Maga San Antonio TX Best Academies Full List
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Krav Maga San Antonio TX Best Academies Full List
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