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Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In New Rochelle

Where are all the New Rochelle Krav Maga legends? Come on I want you to leave a comment today. This posts all for you and fellow Krav Maga practitioners that are going to be visiting New Rochelle. So what’s this post about you might say, well today we’re going to be looking at the very best Krav Maga New Rochelle Academies. Let’s see what you’ve got New Rochelle.

If you notice that I forgot to add a Krav Maga class from New Rochelle don’t be shy to tell me. In fact it could potentially help someone out in the future. Even if you are the owner of that Krav Maga school. My goal is to make this the most efficient Krav Maga New Rochelle class list on the web. Therefore I’m not taking any money to promote your New Rochelle Krav Maga school.

The Krav Maga New Rochelle school list is in no particular order. I will simply be listing them and giving a description of each. In no way am I hinting that the one on top or bottom are better than the other for any particular reason.


Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In New Rochelle

Top Krav Maga Academy Classes In New Rochelle

Okay enough introduction let’s start seeing what Krav Maga New Rochelle has to offer.

1) Westchester Krav Maga Federation

The first Krav Maga school in New Rochelle we’re going to be reviewing is named Westchester Krav Maga Federation. With a 5 out of 5 star rating from google reviews. I think we can safely assume that this is a great New Rochelle Krav Maga academy. If you’d like to give them a visit there address is:

21 Quaker Ridge Road,
Quaker Ridge Mall,
New Rochelle,
NY 10804 ,
+1 (914-813-8000)

It seems that this Krav Maga New Rochelle school has been combined or renamed with another Krav Maga New Rochelle school called True Championz. Since True Championz seems to be the newer one I’ll continue talking about it.

If you’d like to contact True Championz for further information you can do so from there websites contact page: They also have a facebook page if you’d rather contact them there.

Though I would recommend you checking out there website. It’s filled with great information about Krav Maga, other martial arts and there own academy.

They are tailored for multiple types of students from kids to adults with different martial arts styles. This gives kids the chance to try out more than 1 style and than choose whichever they like. While it gives adults a wider range of sparring partners. Sparring with martial artists from a different discipline is one of the best ways to test out your skills.

Westchester Krav Maga Federation Special Offer

You know what the best thing about this krav maga academy is though? They give you your first lesson absolutely for free. Now isn’t that amazing, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. So if your living or staying there just go check them out already.

2) Premier Martial Arts

Our second Krav Maga New Rochelle academy is called Premier Martial Arts. Unfortunately it has no google star reviews therefore we can’t really compare it with the previous Krav Maga New Rochelle academy.

Anyways if you’d like to visit this New Rochelle Krav Maga class there address is:

17 LeCount Place,
New Rochelle,
(914) 633-8078

Unfortunately they don’t seem to have another means of contacting them besides there phone number or visiting the school. They do have a website though if you’d like to check it out It’s got a lot of information about what they do.

Like the other  Krav Maga New Rochelle academy Premier Martial Arts also teaches multiple martial arts besides Krav Maga. As I previously said the more martial arts a school has the more diverse martial art friends you can make hence more sparring partners.

Premier Martial Arts Special Offer

Okay you didn’t hear this from me. Legend says that if you go on there website, scroll down till you see ‘GET OUR SCHEDULE & ONLINE SPECIAL’. Than fill up that form a special offer just for you will be presented before you. If the legend is true, comment below you must.

Concluding The Best Krav Maga New Rochelle Academies

Both seem to be great Krav Maga academies. So I would most probably choose the closest one to my house to be honest. Though if you’ve been to both of these schools feel free to compare your experience in the comment section down below.

Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In New Rochelle
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