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Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Bronx NY

Today’s post is for all you Krav Maga fans living in Bronx NY. The¬†home field of the New York Yankees baseball team. I really need to visit Bronx NY so many beautiful landmarks you got there, anyways today’s post isn’t about all the cool places in Bronx NY. It’s about finding the best Krav Maga Bronx NY has to offer.

To be perfectly transparent with you guys this isn’t a sponsored post, no Krav maga gym’s has paid me to list them. So if you own a Krav maga dojo in Bronx New york feel free to hit me up and we’ll add them to this best Krav Maga academy classes in bronx NY post.

I will also add that these Krav Maga Bronx NY schools are not listed in any particular order, I am simply listing all the Krav Maga classes that I know of in Bronx.

Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Bronx NY

Top Krav Maga Schools in Bronx NY

As promised, here’s the list of all the krav maga gym’s you can join in Bronx NYC.

Bushiken Karate & Bronx Krav Maga

The first and currently only Bronx Krav Maga school we have is a hybrid school that teaches Bushiken karate, Krav Maga and MMA.

2907 Scott Place
New York
+1 718-710-8101

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask them, they even got an email address you can contact them with:

I love there message,

‘To give back to the community through my teachings of martial arts

what a great mindset to have. If only all martial artists had the same mentality we wouldn’t see so much stupidity in the community.

Sadly they don’t have there own personal website though they do have a great facebook page you can go check out, with videos, photos, reviews, more info on what they do, the teachers and much more.

You know what else is cool about this place, they give you the first lesson for free. So there really is no reason for you not to check out this place. Assuming your in Bronx new york city and wanna try out Krav Maga.

Some of you might not like the fact it’s a hybrid dojo. I for one would not judge it maybe there good maybe there bad I haven’t been to this dojo. Though you might get lucky and be able to get some diversification in your martial arts. Knowing a bit of MMA and karate ain’t going to be bad for you.

Concluding Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Bronx NY

I only know of one school that teaches Krav Maga in Bronx NY but hey they might be good and there first lesson is on the house. So go check em out and don’t forget to leave a review in the comments section. So that people reading this article will now what to expect.



Best Krav Maga Academy Classes In Bronx NY
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