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Krav Maga Belt Level Curriculum Grading System

Today we are going to be learning krav maga belt level system or also known as Krav Maga curriculum grading exam. You might be wondering why we have to take these Krav Maga belt system examinations. Are they there simply to add more unnecessary stress onto our life?

No young Krav Maga student, we can argue all day about whether we really need belt level systems or curriculum grading examinations in Krav Maga. Though today we are just going to consider that everything about having a Krav Maga belt system is great.

If your wondering what the benefits for having these Krav Maga belt systems in place. The main benefit is that you get an easy to digest curriculum that doesn’t overwhelm you. It’s designed to teach you easy techniques while with every belt harder techniques start being taught to you.

There’s also the benefit that if you were to change Krav Maga academies. The new instructors could easily tell what techniques you already know from the color of your Krav Maga belt.

Krav Maga Belt Level Curriculum Grading System

How Many Belt Colors Are There In Krav Maga

Krav Maga only has seven belt colors, these belt colors all represent different skill levels a Krav Maga student has attained. The Krav Maga belt level color system are in the following order:

  1. White belt – Beginner Krav Maga student
  2. Yellow belt – Level 1 Krav Maga student
  3. Orange belt – Level 2 Krav Maga student
  4. Green belt – Level 3 Krav Maga student
  5. Blue belt – Level 4 Krav Maga student
  6. Brown belt – Level 5 Krav Maga student
  7. Black belt – Level 6 Krav Maga student

To be honest I really respect Krav Maga’s curriculum grading examinations, unlike other martial arts styles. Were there belt levels are just another way to make students pay for unnecessary examination and belt fee’s.

Krav Maga White Belt Meaning

The white belt in Krav Maga means that you have just started this great journey through becoming a Krav Maga black belt. In this level you will be learning the very basics to be able to handle yourself on the streets. Being a Krav Maga white belt is quite a fun time, as your learning something new making friends with your new colleagues and it’s an all around great experience. Usually it takes Krav Maga white belts around 4 months of training until they can take on the yellow belt curriculum. Thus rising there rank in the Krav Maga belt level system.

Krav Maga Yellow Belt Curriculum

In order for Krav Maga white belt students to progress towards their first belt promotion. They need to learn all these skills:

Krav Maga Yellow Belt Stand Up Techniques

  1. Short range sparing
  2. Hammer fist
  3. Side hammer fist
  4. Fight stance
  5. Fight stance movement
  6. Roundhouse kick
  7. Groin kick
  8. Front kick
  9. Side choke
  10. Front chokes
  11. Rear choke
  12. Front choke pushed
  13. Rear choke pushed
  14. Defend Punches
  15. Low inside defense
  16. Defend Chokes
  17. 360 defenses
  18. Inside defense
  19. Kick and punch combinations
  20. Combative combinations
  21. Defend grabs and holds
  22. Wrist grab with one wrist held by two hands
  23. Grab wrist with both hands behind back
  24. Wrist grab with both hands held high
  25. Grab wrist with both hands held low
  26. Wrist grab with opposite sides
  27. Arm pulls
  28. Shadow boxing
  29. Straight punches
  30. Advancing punches
  31. Low punches
  32. Basic sprawl
  33. Elbow strikes
  34. Knee strikes
  35. Palm strikes
  36. Eye and throat strikes
  37. Long Range sparing

Krav Maga Yellow Belt Ground Fighting Techniques

  1. Back or guard position
  2. Front kick while on the ground
  3. Getting up from the ground
  4. Bottom leg kick
  5. Side choke on ground
  6. Mounted choke
  7. Choke escapes
  8. Ground side position
  9. Moving on the ground
  10. Striking while on the ground
  11. Ground axe kick
  12. Round kick on ground
  13. Ground side kick
  14. Striking from mount position

For those that want to see a video version of what I just said, shout out to Krav Maga Unyted. For making this great yellow belt grading curriculum playlist. Where they teach you all the techniques needed to pass your Krav Maga belt examination.

Krav Maga Yellow Belt Meaning

The Krav Maga Yellow belt, you have officially passed the first rank of the Krav Maga belt level curriculum grading examination. You are know free to flaunt your cool yellow belt, you deserve it. Though with a new belt comes greater responsibility, once you are a yellow belt you are now an official intermediate Krav Maga fighter.

Now you have to set an example for the colleagues underneath you. Especially when students from other Krav Maga schools visit your Krav Maga school. When white belts mess up, it’s deemed as okay there just beginners they don’t know any better. Though if I see a yellow belt messing up badly in a dojo I just attended for the first time. I’d instantly that this academy was a joke and never return back.

Don’t be discouraged though, you should always try to strive for greatness. Responsibility simply represents that you have achieved something.

Now it’s time to start aiming for your next Krav Maga belt promotion which is the orange belt. Krav Maga yellow belt students usually take about a year before there ready to take the orange belt grading examination.

Krav Maga Orange Belt Curriculum

In the Krav Maga orange belt curriculum examination, you are expected to know everything that was in the Krav Maga yellow belt curriculum examination. Besides the need to execute the yellow belt techniques at a more advanced level, there are also new techniques introduced in the Krav Maga orange belt curriculum.

Krav Maga Orange Belt Stand Up Techniques

  1. Uppercut punch
  2. Hook punch
  3. Retreating back kick
  4. Groin kick while moving forward
  5. Side kick while moving forward
  6. Back kick while moving forward
  7. Slipping and bobbing and weaving
  8. Inside defense with counter striking
  9. Focus mitts drills
  10. Cross counter strike
  11. 360 defenses with counters
  12. Hook punch block
  13. Uppercut block
  14. Outside stabbing to defend groin kick
  15. Leg redirect to defend groin kick
  16. Arm sweep to defend groin kick
  17. Outside stabbing to defend against front kick
  18. Forearm redirect to defend against a front kick
  19. Checking to defend against low roundhouse kicks
  20.  Heel stomp to defend against a developing kick
  21. Front choke against wall escape
  22. Rear choke pulled escape
  23. Rear choke against wall escape
  24. Headlock from side escape
  25. Headlock from behind escape
  26. Proper back fall break
  27. Side fall break
  28. Proper front fall break
  29. Sprawl to defend takedowns
  30. Arm drag from the A-frame position
  31. Snap down from the A-frame position
  32. Low bear grab escape
  33. Rear bear hug with your arms caught escape
  34. Front bear hug with arms caught escape
  35. Rear bear hug with your arms free escape

Krav Maga Orange Belt Ground Fighting Techniques

  1. Defending punches while being mounted
  2. Trap and roll while being mounted
  3. Headlock escape while being mounted
  4. Shrimp to guard while being mounted
  5. Shrimp to slide out while being mounted
  6. Mount striking
  7. Controlling one foot of a grounded opponent
  8. Take control of both feet of a grounded opponent
  9. Controlling one foot while throwing it at either direction to gain a mount position

Here’s a video playlist of all the techniques needed to pass the Krav Maga orange belt examination.

Krav Maga Orange Belt Meaning

Congratulations you are now an actual real fighter, that most likely can beat any untrained guy your weight. I didn’t say this to make you self-righteous but if your training Krav Maga at a good academy it’s probably true. This means that you should be trying to avoid fights as much as possible now. As you are stronger than most people though you can not really control your power, this means you are more likely to cause unnecessary damage to your opponent than a Krav Maga black belt.

With a higher Krav Maga belt ranking comes greater responsibility. Your attitude represents your school greater than it used to and more people look up to you now.

Don’t think training’s over though there are still 4 more Krav Maga belt levels before you can call yourself a master of the Krav Maga martial art. That’s right get back to practice, we’re going to get that green belt which is considered a Level 3 Krav Maga student.

It usually takes Krav Maga Orange Belt students 1 year before there ready to take on the Krav Maga green belt curriculum.

Krav Maga Green Belt Curriculum

Just like in the previous Krav Maga belt Level Curriculum Grading, you are expected to know all the previous techniques of the previous Krav Maga examinations. While also learning more advanced techniques.

Krav Maga Green Belt Stand Up Techniques

  1. Spinning back kick
  2. Inside slap kick
  3. Outside slap kick
  4. Heel kick
  5. Realistic sparring drills
  6. Thai pads drilling
  7. Head butt technique
  8. lean back to defend punches
  9.  Countering with a palm strike after outside defense
  10. Inside defense technique against right punch attack using your left straight punch
  11. High roundhouse kick block
  12. Guillotine lock
  13. Escape grab holds
  14. Headlock counter
  15. Hair grab counter
  16. Lifted rear bear hug escape
  17. Lifted front bear hug escape
  18. Clinch
  19. Double leg takedown
  20. Single leg takedown
  21. Single leg extension takedown
  22. Forward Knee tap takedowns
  23. Back Knee tap takedowns

Krav Maga Green Belt Ground Fighting Techniques

  1. Side control
  2. Mounting from side control
  3. Key lock from side control
  4. Ground headlock escapes
  5. Side headlock escape
  6. Sweeping an opponent within your guard
  7. Arm bar while your opponent is within your guard
  8. Kimura while your opponent is within your guard

Krav Maga Green Belt Basic Weapon Strikes And Counters

You will need to have some basic knowledge regarding the proper way to hold certain weapons. How to react when confronted with an armed thug and basic strikes with those weapons.

Another great video by Krav Maga Unyted, demonstrating all the techniques needed to pass the Krav Maga Green belt examination.

Krav Maga Green Belt Meaning

So now you’ve reached the 4th Krav Maga level. Congratulations you’ve passed the first half of your training to become a black belt Krav Maga master. Much like with any Krav Maga level, you have become stronger, smarter and more responsible.

You’ve most probably grown accustomed to your dojo by now. I mean you’ve almost been 3 years practicing the art of Krav Maga by now. How does that make you feel? are you proud you managed to commit to something and become good at it. It shows a great sign of discipline if you’ve made this this far.

Though like always training is still not complete. Our next belt in the Krav Maga belt system is none other than the, Krav Maga blue belt also known as Krav Maga level 5 student.

Krav Maga Blue Belt Curriculum

You know the drill by now, you’ve gotta know all the stuff you previously knew at a more advanced level. While also executing magnificently new techniques that were taught to you after achieving the Krav Maga green belt.

Krav Maga Blue Belt Stand Up Techniques

  1. Cavalier (Wrist lock) top of fist
  2. (Wrist lock) Cavalier two thumbs
  3. Cavalier (Wrist lock) elbow strike
  4. Spinning outside slap kick
  5. Spinning heel kick
  6. Axe kick
  7. Great sparring skill
  8. High roundhouse kick blocked by redirecting
  9. Heel kick blocked by redirecting
  10. High roundhouse kick blocked by sliding
  11. Heel kick blocked by sliding
  12. Spinning kick blocked by foot stomp
  13. High side kick Blocked by redirecting
  14. low side kick avoided by side stepping
  15. Medium side kick blocked by outside stabbing
  16. Wrist control escape
  17. Ear pull escape
  18. Forward leg sweep
  19. Backward leg sweep
  20. Takedown from behind

Krav Maga Blue Belt Ground Fighting Techniques

  1. Escape wrists pinned to the ground while being mounted
  2. While in guard position execute a triangle choke
  3. In guard position execute arm triangle choke
  4. While in guard execute guillotine
  5. Escape guillotine while in opponents guard
  6. Rear naked choke
  7. Escape rear naked choke
  8. Defend the Sprawl after a failed takedown attempt

Krav Maga Blue Belt Basic Weapon Strikes And Counters

  1. Avoid an overhead attack with a stick
  2. dodge a horizontal attack with a stick
  3. Defend against a knife attack by kick defense to center mass
  4. Disarm handgun from your side by using the touching behind arm technique
  5. Use the touching in front of arm technique to disarm an opponent’s handgun who’s targeting your side
  6. Disarm handgun from your side by using the touching to side of head technique
  7. Use the touching body technique to disarm an opponent’s handgun who’s targeting you from behind
  8. Disarm handgun from your back by using the touching head technique
  9. Use the off body technique to disarm an opponent’s handgun who’s targeting you from the front
  10. Disarm handgun from the front by using the touching technique

Nobody has made a video playlist demonstrating all the Krav Maga blue belt level grading techniques yet. If you want a free shoutout with your Krav Maga blue belt level grading techniques video playlist feel free to contact me and il link it on this page.

Krav Maga Blue Belt Meaning

Upon being promoted to a level 5 Krav Maga practitioner, you now have to accept that you are no longer an intermediate student. Wearing the Krav Maga blue belt represents that you are now an official advanced Krav Maga student.

Like every belt promotion you must still keep working harder than ever, being respectful and humble.

On average Krav Maga blue belts take about 1 year before they can apply for there next Krav Maga belt level. Which happens to be the Krav Maga brown belt, the last belt before black. So get your game face on, we’ve gotta get that brown belt now.

Krav Maga Brown Belt Curriculum

Everything we already learned has to be remembered and improved from our last examination. While we have to learn the necessary Krav Maga brown belt techniques as well in order to obtain the Krav Maga brown belt. There aren’t that many new techniques in the brown belt grading to be honest. It’s more of a perfecting the already known techniques if you know what I mean.

Krav Maga Brown Belt Stand Up Techniques

  1. Fake front kick switched into a roundhouse kick
  2. Fake outside slap kick switched into a front kick
  3. Two front kicks with a switch
  4. Shoulder throw
  5. Back somersault throw
  6. Hip throw
  7. Flying knee strike
  8. Execute the finger leverage technique from the full nelson position
  9. Execute the forward throw technique from the full nelson position
  10. Perform the sweep technique from the full nelson position
  11. Defend a headlock from behind by using a power throw
  12. Escape a headlock from the side by using a sprawl
  13. Defend a headlock from the side by falling back
  14. Escaping multiple standing opponents
  15. Being given a scenario, where you are expected to give the best tactic to secure your safety.

Krav Maga Brown Belt Basic Weapon Strikes And Counters

  1. Disarm a handgun that’s being hold by 2 hands
  2. Escape gun pushed into stomach
  3. Escape a straight knife stab
  4. Dodge a downward knife stab
  5. Escape an upward knife stab
  6. Dodge a knife slash strike
  7. Evade a bayonet stab

Krav Maga Brown Belt Meaning

Your approaching your end goal of becoming a Krav Maga black belt. It’s probably been about 5 years now practicing this great martial art. Time sure flies but this is no time to get all nostalgic about the first time you set foot in the academy.

Now is the time for training, hard work and self improvement, as your approaching your final Krav Maga belt level curriculum grading.

Krav Maga brown belts usually take about a year and a half before they are ready to give it a shot at the black belt grading examination.

Krav Maga Black Belt Curriculum

There are actually no new techniques in the Krav Maga black belt grading. Though you will be expected to perform all the previous Krav Maga rank techniques, perfectly.

Something I’d like to add is that you can’t do the examination in your hometown that is unless you live in the birthplace of Krav Maga, Israel. Were you will be judged by three Krav Maga 3rd dan black belts.

Wait it’s not over yet, what do you mean 3rd dan black belts? How many Krav Maga black belt dans are there?

Well ye, the Krav Maga black belt is basically the Krav Maga tutorial. The real stuff starts after obtaining the black belt, or more professionally known as 1st Dan black belt.

There are 9 Dan’s in Krav Maga that I am aware of. Good luck and if we have any Krav Maga black belt Dan’s reading this article feel free to add your insight. I’m still enjoying my yellow Krav Maga belt right now. Though I’ll be a Krav Maga black belt one day too.

Krav Maga Black Belt Meaning

Well, you’ve officially passed the easy part of Krav Maga how does it feel? Jokes aside being a Krav Maga black belt requires a lot of responsibility. You are considered an instructor now, therefore you need to make sure that you act like one.

You can start your own academy now, maybe make some extra money on the side or simply to cover the costs of your own training. Heck it might flourish into a great fun business who knows, possibilities are endless.

Obviously if you tend to continue rising through the Krav Maga belt ranks, your going to have to keep training harder and harder each day. Though if your goal was to become a Krav Maga black belt, congratulations mate and that’s quite an awesome achievement.

Krav Maga Belt Level Curriculum Grading System Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this Krav Maga belt level curriculum grading guide and found it useful. If you think there are ways to improve the article feel free to write a comment arguing with something I claimed. If I realise I was wrong il change it and give you credit.

But Martial Arts Nerd what about the Krav Maga black belt dan curriculum grading system? How does that work.

Well to be honest I’m not really sure what’s need to achieve beyond a first dan black belt. Though if someone reading this article knows feel free to write it down in the comments section.

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