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Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gym Classes Full List

Today we’re going to be looking at all the Kickboxing gyms in Yonkers New York. Any Kickboxer here happens to be living in Yonker NY, I’d like to pick your brain on how the Kickboxing scene at Yonkers NY works.

Let’s be perfectly clear before we get too deep into the article. None of these Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gyms have paid me to list them, nor have they paid me to say anything nice about them. If you happen to go to a cool Kickboxing class or simply own a kickboxing class in Yonkers and want to have it placed on the list, simply hit me up and we’ll get it listed.

Finally, the Kickboxing Yonkers Ny classes listed below are in no particular order. I am simply listing all the gyms that I know of. So that anyone living or planning to travel to Yonkers Ny can easily find the right gym for his needs.

Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gym Classes Full List

Best Kickboxing Schools in Yonkers Ny

Without further ado, let’s start looking at what Yonkers Ny Kickboxing has to offer.

CKO Kickboxing

We’ve already reviewed CKO Kickboxing before on this blog. If your a regular reader bear with me and just skip this part. CKO Kickboxing is one of the leading franchises in kickboxing scoring 3.5 out of 5 in google reviews and 4 out of 5 on yelp.

Sadly these scores are the lowest we’ve reviewed so far. That’s not really a good sign, than again these guys have over 30,000 members and 90 Kickboxing gyms worldwide. That’s way more than most kickboxing gyms dream.

If you’d like to go give Yonkers Ny CKO Kickboxing a visit there address is:

NY 10710

They even made a school trailer, lets watch it so we can get a better understanding of what we’re dealing with.

The trailer doesn’t really say much about what they do but what lacks in the trailer, is made up for in there website.

I don’t really need to add anything as CKO Kickboxing website covers it all. Though if you have any queries related to there service you can easily pop them the question over there facebook page.

Overall CKO Kickboxing is a great kickboxing franchise, else they wouldn’t have grown this big.

I’m going to give you that last motivational push to go check them out. The first lesson is free, you can’t say no to that who doesn’t like free martial art lessons. So go check them out and don’t forget to come back and give me an honest review of your CKO Kickboxing experience.

Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Our 2nd Yonkers Ny Kickboxing class is Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts. I’ll come clean while we’re still in the beginning of reviewing Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts. This Martial Arts class doesn’t really teach kickboxing even though it’s marketed like that. The martial art that there marketing as kickboxing is actually called Muay Thai. If you’d like to learn the difference I’ve written a post discussing the differences in Kickboxing Vs Muay Thai.

Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts scores a nice 4.7 out of 5 in google reviews and gets a 4 on yelp. If you’d like to go visit this Yonkers Ny Kickboxing gym there address is:

2500 Central Park Ave,
NY 10710,

They’ve also got a cool website worth checking out and there facebook page is phenomenal. Never seen a martial arts dojo have such an active facebook page. Lets watch a video from there website to see what there all about.

Amazing video, it’s nice when you see a school targeting law enforcers. That’s a sign that a martial arts school is trying to teach self defence and not how they can milk out the most money out of their clients.

Looks like a great Yonkers Ny self defence school. Sadly though it’s Muay Thai not kickboxing if that’s an issue for you.

Just like CKO Kickboxing, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts offers you the first lesson for free. So go check them out, it’s a free lesson what can go wrong.

Baxter Karate Dojo

Our 3rd Yonkers Ny Kickboxing class with a solid 5/5 on yelp and an almost perfect score of 4.8/5 on google reviews is Baxter Karate Dojo.

There primary martial art seems to be karate, as assumed from the dojo’s name. Though they do market that they have a kickboxing class every day on there schedule, that’s why I decided to list them.

From further research on the dojo the word Kickboxing is used to describe a fitness class with a Kickboxing theme. It’s great if you want to burn some calories though I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to check them out, they do offer a first free lesson so there’s nothing to lose really. There address is:

1550K Central Park Avenue,
New York 10710

They also got a great website you can check out to get an idea of what there all about. Something I really liked about them was that they also teach weapon training and Iaido.

I wouldn’t go here to train kickboxing though, unless your goal for training kickboxing was to lose weight.

Concluding Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gym Classes Full List

What would I choose from these 3 Kickboxing Yonkers Ny classes. If my goal was strictly to improve self defence, I’d pick,

  1. Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts
  2. CKO Kickboxing
  3. Baxter Karate Dojo

If It was for any other reason, simply go claim your free Kickboxing lesson. Than choose what class better tackled that reason.

Hope you find a great Kickboxing Yonkers class, don’t forget to tell me how it went.

If neither of these kickboxing classes are your thing, we’ve got some other Kickboxing classes close by, check them out at:


Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gym Classes Full List
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Kickboxing Yonkers Ny Gym Classes Full List
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