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Kickboxing White Plains NY Gym Classes Full List

We’ve got another martial arts gym classes review for those of you living in White Plains New york. This time though we’re going to be looking at the White Plains Kickboxing gyms.

To be perfectly clear, none of these White Plains Kickboxing gyms have paid me to list them or say anything nice about them. This article is meant to help anyone that is looking for a kickboxing class in White Plains. Therefore charging people money to be listed would make the list incomplete. If you own or go to a kickboxing class within the White Plains feel free to contact me about adding it to this list.

The White Plains kickboxing gyms listed below are in no particular order. I am simply listing all of them randomly while giving a brief description of each.

Kickboxing White Plains NY Gym Classes Full List

Best Kickboxing Schools in White Plains NY

Without further ado, let’s start looking at what we have to work with.

Brooklyn Fitboxing

This is quite the interesting place, I wasn’t sure whether I should list it or not as it’s not exactly kickboxing. Though I think that anyone interested in kickboxing would love to hear about this new kickboxing game if you will. It was also in the White Plains, so I’m like yeah let’s put it down. Here’s a video of this rather odd White Plains Kickboxing gyn.

I know it’s not exactly kickboxing but it looks really fun, anyways were not here to discuss whether Brooklyn Fitboxing is kickboxing or not. If your interested in this sort of thing go check them out at:

94 Lake Street,
White Plains,
New York 10604
(914) 437-5270

They’ve also got an awesome website you could check out to learn more about what they do. They explain everything quite good and clearly. Here’s another video explaining more in depth of what they do.

Definitely looks fun, wish there was a Brooklyn Fitboxing close by, my house. Brooklyn Fitboxing has a facebook page if you’d like to follow them, they posts quite a lot every day. From events, articles, videos etc.

Overall it looks like a really fun workout, though I wouldn’t go if I wanted to learn self-defense as it’s clear that there intent is not to promote self-defence. I assume they called it fitboxing for that reason as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to Brooklyn Fitboxing if your interested in learning kickboxing. Find another White Plains kickboxing gym and cross-train them together.

They don’t offer a first free lesson to check out the place. On the other hand they do give you free boxing gloves and hand wraps. If you don’t own any I’m pretty sure a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps are gonna cost you more than $9.95. Quite a good deal and your going to have fun for sure, so why not give them a visit if your in that area.


UFC White Plains gym scoring an amazing 4 out of 5 on google reviews and 4 out of 5 on yelp. We’ve seen a lot of solid 5 out of 5 in other areas. I think people judge UFC gyms harder than other Kickboxing gyms solely on the fact that they expect UFC gyms to be the best. Here’s a quick view of the place.

It isn’t a proper kickboxing gym, though they do offer kickboxing lessons every day with the added benefit of having the option of training different martial arts as well.

I believe this is a great thing for people wanting to train self defence. As you can easily diversify your martial art skill set by cross-training within the same martial arts dojo. If you’d like to give UFC gym a visit there address is:

25 South Broadway,
White Plains,
NY 10601 

They’ve also got a great website you can learn a lot about them from:

  • There mission
  • Schedule
  • Events
  • Training Tips

You can also find there facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram pages on there website.

For the new members that are thinking of joining, I’ve got great news for you. First 15 lessons are $15 only. That’s like $1 for a lesson, truly amazing offer.

Concluding Kickboxing White Plains NY Gym Classes Full List

Well those were the 2 ‘White Plains Kickboxing classes’. There seems to be some Muay Thai gyms in the White Plains but that’s not really kickboxing.

So what do I think is the best White Plains Kickboxing class. I would have to say UFC Gym wins hands down. Tough Brooklyn Fitboxing looks really fun I don’t think it’s practical in a situation where you need to know self defence. Than again if your goal is weight loss and better overall health Brooklyn Fitboxing might just be the thing for you.

If neither of these two Kickboxing classes interested you. I’ve go a post called ‘Kickboxing Classes Westchester NY Best Gym’s‘ Where we look at all the kickboxing gyms in Westchester NY. I’m sure you’ll find something you like there.

Kickboxing White Plains NY Gym Classes Full List
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Kickboxing White Plains NY Gym Classes Full List
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