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Kickboxing Peekskill NY Gym Classes Full List

Today we’re going to be discussing all the Kickboxing classes in Peekskill New York. Any Kickboxers from Peekskill NY follow my blog, I’d like to hear what you think of the classes we’re going to be evaluating.

As usual none of these Peekskill NY kickboxing classes have paid me to place them on this list. This list is meant to provide anyone who’s interested in learning kickboxing. While residing or planning to travel to Peekskill NY the necessary information for them to choose the best fitting kickboxing class for there needs.

The Peekskill kickboxing gyms listed below are in no particular order. There simply placed by whoever send me an e-mail first to list them.

Kickboxing Peekskill NY Gym Classes Full List

Best Kickboxing Schools in New Peekskill NY

Enough with the long intro and lets get started with today’s topic, the best Kickboxing classes in Peekskill New York.

CKO Kickboxing

First kickboxing class in Peekskill NY we’re going to be looking at is, none other than CKO Kickboxing. With over 30,000 members and 90 Kickboxing gyms worldwide CKO Kickboxing is definitely a great place train. If you’d like to give them a visit there address is:

8 John Walsh Blvd Suite 326,
NY 10566,
+1 914-930-1919

They’ve got a trailer, lets watch it so we can get a better understanding of who CKO kickboxing is.

Not the best of trailers, sure it looks cool and everything but I didn’t really get to know that much of CKO kickboxing from it. All I got from it is, that they are a growing franchise. Not hating on CKO Kickboxing there one of the best kickboxing schools but they could do better on the trailer anyways.

You can find a lot of information about what they stand for, and what it is they do exactly from there official website. They’ve also got a facebook page that’s really up to date. I see a new post by them almost everyday.

I don’t really think I have anything else to add. Everything seems to be crystal clear on there website. Good job CKO kickboxing, your website is perfect.

They also give you your first lesson for free. So go check them out I know people that travel long distances to train at a CKO kickboxing gym, over their closer to home kickboxing gym.

Looking at some reviews of CKO Kickboxing, seems like there doing a good job the worst score they had by yelp was like 3.5 out of 5 which is still above average.

Go No Sen

Wasn’t sure if I should list this one, because they do have a kickboxing class though it looks more like a fitness kinda thing with a kickboxing theme if you know what I mean. Well they say a video is worth 1.8 Million Words so judge for yourself:

In the end it all comes down to what you want to do. If you’re looking for a nice way to burn some fat these guys might be better for you. Best way to find out is to, visit both and make a fair comparison of what you want to do with kickboxing. If you want to go to this Kickboxing class in Peekskill their address is:

28 Welcher Ave Peekskill,
New York 10566,
United States

They’ve also got a nice website you can check out to learn more about this kickboxing gym in Peekskill NY.

They also teach some other martial arts beside Kickboxing that might interest you:

  • Tai Chi
  • Karate

Like most martial arts schools they give you your first lesson for free. So there’s really no reason why shouldn’t go check them out.

Concluding The Best Kickboxing Classes in Peekskill NY

I think both CKO kickboxing and Go No Sen are good places to train. Though if I were to choose I’d probably go with CKO Kickboxing. As CKO kickboxing looks like it’s more tailored for people who want to learn self defence. While Go No Sen is more tailored for people who want to lose weight.

If neither CKO kickboxing or Go No Sen is your thing, we’ve got some other Kickboxing classes close by, check them out at:

Kickboxing Peekskill NY Gym Classes Full List
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Kickboxing Peekskill NY Gym Classes Full List
We're going to be comparing the 2 best Kickboxing Peekskill gyms head to head CKO Kickboxing Vs Go No Sen.
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