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Best Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT

Living in the beautiful U.S city located in southwestern Connecticut, Norwalk. Well lucky you my friend, I really need to travel to Norwalk CT one day. Anyways that’s not why your here, your here to find a great kickboxing school in Norwalk CT. Well I got you covered my man. Today we are going to be looking at the best kickboxing Norwalk CT schools there are.

Before continuing this article I would like to say that this isn’t a sponsored post, so if you’ve got a great kickboxing dojo in  Norwalk CT feel free to hit me up. So that I could add it to this list.

The kickboxing schools in this article are not rated by any means. I am simply listing them one after each other with no particular order. You can choose from the list what best suits you from these Norwalk CT kickboxing schools.

Best Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT

Top Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT

Without further ado, we bring you the best kickboxing Norwalk CT has to offer. In one organised page.

1) I Love Kickboxing

Our first kickboxing school is called I Love kickboxing, what a fun great name that is I simply love it. If you’d like to go check it out there address is:

261 Main Ave Norwalk,
CT 06851
(845) 399-7569

They’ve also got a an email address in case you’ve got any queries you’d like to ask,

I really like there vibe to be honest, it’s all about positivity and becoming a better person than you once were. You’ll understand what I mean when you visit there kickboxing website.

I Love kickboxing – Norwalk CT – Promotions

Don’t tell them I told you this, deal?

Before going to there kickboxing school in Norwalk CT, visit there website. Give them your email address and you might get a special priced lesson with a lot of free online content to make your body healthier and more beautiful than ever before. I’ve also heard rumors that they give away FREE pairs of $45 boxing gloves! like omg thats awesome.

Concluding Best Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT

Well there aren’t many kickboxing schools in Norwalk CT. Though the one that there is seems to be quite friendly and I quite like it to be honest. Don’t forget to leave a comment after attending a lesson there.


Best Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT
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Best Kickboxing Schools In Norwalk CT
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