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Kickboxing New Rochelle NY Gym Classes Full List

Where are all my New Rochelle Kickboxing fans at. Today’s post is all for you and those planning a holiday to New Rochelle. Hey you might even be able to help us out as well, we’re going to be looking at what Kickboxing New Rochelle has to offer. So if you’d like to comment about a particular Kickboxing dojo in New Rochelle feel free to do so.

Before starting this article, I want to be as transparent with you guys as I possibly can. None of these Kickboxing classes in New Rochelle have paid me to have them listed. The purpose of this post is simply to create the best resource for anyone that wishes to find a kickboxing gym in New Rochelle. Therefore if you own or attend a kickboxing class in New Rochelle feel free to send me a request to be added to this list free of charge.

One last thing, the kickboxing classes listed below are in no particular order. I am simply listing them down, first come first serve kinda thing.

Kickboxing New Rochelle NY Gym Classes Full List

Best Kickboxing Schools in New Rochelle NY

Are you New Rochelle NY kickboxers ready, than let’s start listing.

1) Westchester Cardio Kickboxing

The first school we’re going to be looking at is called ‘Westchester Cardio Kickboxing‘ If you’d like to give them a visit there address is:

20 Coligni Ave,
New Rochelle,
NY 10801,
+1 914-775-8383

They’ve got an amazing website in terms of what they do, design on the other hand could use some work. They don’t seem to have an email for some reason but you can always contact them by phone at +1 914-775-8383.

I don’t think I really need to say anything about this New Rochelle Kickboxing class, because they cover it quite well in this video.

2) True Championz

Our second New Rochelle Kickboxing class is True Championz. We’re looking at a martial arts academy that scores a solid 5 out of 5 in bought google reviews and yelp. I think that’s something to really boast about. There address is:

21 Quaker Ridge Road,
Quaker Ridge Mall,
New Rochelle,
NY 10804 ,
+1 (914-813-8000)

If you’d like to contact True Championz for further information you can do so from there websites contact page: They also have a facebook page if you’d rather contact them there.

True Championz doesn’t just cater for kickboxing, if you’d like to diversify your martial arts they also offer, Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga.

I don’t know if your a regular follower of Martial Arts Nerd, I’ve expressed my opinions multiple times on whether one should keep one self-defence style on this blog. In case your new, I strongly believe that practicing more than 1 style can help improve your overall self defence. I’d rather go to 2 lessons kickboxing and 2 lessons Krav Maga per week than 4 lessons of Kickboxing per week.

Though that’s just me, the fact that they offer you this from one location I find it extremely beneficial.

One last thing about True Championz, first lesson is free. What else are you waiting for, give em a call and go get your free lesson already.

3) Ki Martial Arts

The 3rd kickboxing class in New Rochelle NY we’re going to be reviewing is also a solid 5 out of 5 in google reviews and yelp. Talk about high quality kickboxing gyms you guys got here in New Rochelle. There address is:

50 North Ave,
New Rochelle,
NY 10805
(914) 961-1111

If you’d like to learn more about Ki Martial Arts, the’ve got an awesome website were you can research more about:

  • Instructors
  • Goals & missions
  • Schedules
  • Services
  • etc

Like True Championz, Ki Martial Arts have different range of martial art styles one can learn. Which are:

  • Shotokan Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Krav Maga

I really like that on there website they list the awards that the school has managed to win. This shows that the school doesn’t just care about the money. They want to mould great students that will continue to bring them glory and honor to the gym.

Be very wary of martial art dojos that do not have any trophies or rewards. Even worse when they don’t allow their students to participate in outside the dojo competitions.

Like all great martial arts schools should be, they offer the first lesson for free. There’s nothing to lose by simply going there and seeing how a typical Kickboxing lesson plays out.

4) Premier Martial Arts

For our 4th contender on the Kickboxing New Rochelle list we have Premier Martial Arts. If you’d like to go check out this Kickboxing class there address is:

17 LeCount Place,
New Rochelle, 
(914) 633-8078

Seems like they don’t really have any other way to contact them except by their phone number. I’m looking at their site though even there contact us page seems to not have any way to contact them. Anyways excluding there dysfunctional contact us page there website seems quite great at explaining what they do.

Besides Kickboxing, Premier Martial Arts also teaches:

  • Krav Maga
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Karate

One last thing, legend claims that if you were to go on Premier Martial Arts website, scroll down till the ‘GET OUR SCHEDULE & ONLINE SPECIAL’. Than fill up there form a special offer might present itself. If the legend is true, comment below you must.

Concluding The Best Kickboxing Classes in New Rochelle NY

All of these New Rochelle kickboxing classes seem to be legit. I would check all of them out than see which classes seem to know what there actually doing. You can also finalise your decision based on the different martial art styles that they teach besides Kickboxing. Maybe you also like Jiu Jitsu so you’d choose Premier Martial Arts or  Taekwondo therefore you’d go to Ki Martial Arts.

If you didn’t dig any of these 4 Kickboxing New Rochelle Ny classes, we’ve got some other Kickboxing classes close by, check them out:

Kickboxing New Rochelle NY Gym Classes Full List
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Kickboxing New Rochelle NY Gym Classes Full List
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