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Kickboxing Benefits For Females In-Depth Explanation

Today we’re going to be discussing all the Kickboxing benefits for females. I wonder if we have any female viewership on this blog, I hope that with this post we’ll start to balance out our gender demographic.

Previously on this blog we’ve tackled The best martial arts for woman’s self-defense. I’d consider giving it a read if your still deciding on what martial art to take on. Though today’s post isn’t about that, it’s strictly about the benefits of kickboxing for woman.

Kickboxing Benefits For Females In-Depth Explanation

Kickboxing Benefits For Females

Before we start discussing the benefits of kickboxing for females, I’d like to point out that we’re going to be talking about kickboxing the martial art not fitness kickboxing or cardio kickboxing. They are 2 separate things, don’t get them mixed up.

The 8 kickboxing benefits for females are:

  1. Self-Defense
  2. Muscle toning
  3. Stress relief
  4. Weight loss
  5. Boosts confidence
  6. Improved posture and balance
  7. Socializing
  8. Increasing endurance

Sure, you can say that man also benefit from all of these things, and your right. Though today we’re going to be specifically discussing the benefits of kickboxing, from a woman’s perspective. I’ll make sure to create another post on how man specifically benefit from kickboxing but that day is not today.

Women Kickboxing Benefit Self-Defence

The first Kickboxing benefits for females we’re going to be discussing is self-defence.

I believe that everyone should send their daughters to learn some basic self-defence skills. If you’re parents didn’t send you, your doing a great thing by looking into kickboxing yourself.

I don’t get why most people don’t think women shouldn’t learn self defence skills. It’s because that’s what man are for right? to defend their woman. Well what happens when your man isn’t around you.

Just the confidence boost that you get from knowing how to defend yourself is already enough. It will give you the confidence for, when something comes up and you need to be doing that thing when your man isn’t around.

What about our daughters at school that might get harassed and bullied, they don’t have a man to defend them. Giving them the proper skill set to defend themselves could potentially prevent a disastrous childhood experience.

Kickboxing improves you self-defence by:

  • Teaching you the necessary fighting techniques needed to defend yourself.
  • Giving you the opportunity to spar against live opponents at the gym.

Female Kickboxing Benefit Muscle Toning

We all know the pressure set on woman to keep a particular image. Going to kickboxing lessons can really help women tone up there figure.

This leads to better acceptance of one’s image, improved confidence and an overall healthier lifestyle.

A usual kickboxing session doesn’t just involve striking your foe. There are a lot of other fast paced drills, that are included within the session such as:

  • Jumping rope
  • Shadow boxing
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Etc

These are all great workouts for all the body, that can truly define a woman’s body. Here’s a video of Floortje van Cooten discussing the benefits of kickboxing from her own perspective.

Kickboxing Benefits For Females Stress Relief

Hey, not all women want to hit the spa after a stressful day at work. If that’s not really your thing, kickboxing could be quite the alternative. who needs therapy classes anyways, when you can go blow some steam on that punching bag am I right? Plus you’ve got all your kickboxing friends there, to joke around and take your mind of things.

Women Kickboxing Benefit Weight loss

Maybe you’re gaining a bit pounds, not fitting in that lovely dress you bought a couple months ego. Kickboxing will certainly help you shed, those extra pounds. With all the jumping, kicking and punching.

Female Kickboxing Benefit Boosts Confidence

I believe this is one of the most important kickboxing benefits for women. Kickboxing tackles two important female issues,

  1. Improving body image
  2. Removing the feeling of being weak.

These 2 things can set a woman back so much.

If a woman isn’t feeling beautiful, she might start to feel of less value than other woman. This leads to poorer overall work performance and missing great life opportunities. Thereby living a less fulfilling life than a woman who’s in love with her body.

The feeling of being weak can also impact a woman’s adult life. Maybe she’s scared of taking that promotion because it involves supervising other people. It could be forgetting to buy something from the grocery and now is too scared to go get it herself for whatever reason. Kickboxing can definitely help a woman overcome this feeling of being weak. Going to link a video by Adam Pecoraro that I think you guys will enjoy.

Women Kickboxing Benefit Improved Posture and Balance

Since a lot of kickboxing techniques work out your entire core, you’re abdominal area is going to be more developed than that of the average woman. This ultimately leads to better posture and balance.

Improved posture will than compound into improving your body image. Which will then improve your confidence, and we’ve already discussed how important confidence is for woman.

Women Kickboxing Benefit Socializing

Kickboxing is a social activity that could improve a woman’s ability to be more comfortable around the opposite gender. I notice that a lot of woman get anxious when guys both familiar and unfamiliar are close by. If this is you, kickboxing can surely help you improve on this.

How closer can you get to a guy if your trying to hit him, know what I mean. I think once you start hanging out with a bunch of guys, the fear and anxiety starts to go away.

Women Kickboxing Benefit Increasing Endurance

In kickboxing your going to be doing drills, techniques, sparing, all of these are going to tire you out. The more kickboxing lessons you’ll attend, the more durable you’re going to become. How can woman improve from increased endurance.

Well for one, your going to be able to lift heavier objects for longer periods of time. In other words say good-bye to the two trips you used to do at the grocery shop, now everything’s coming in one go. That leaves more time to some fabulous well deserved beauty sleep.

Concluding 8 Kickboxing Benefits For Females In-Depth Explanation

I think that pretty much sums up the 8 kickboxing benefits for women. If you’ve got any questions on this particular subject feel free to ask me anything in the comments section.



8 Kickboxing Benefits For Females In-Depth Explanation
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8 Kickboxing Benefits For Females In-Depth Explanation
Were going to be discussing in depth all 8 Kickboxing Benefits for Females. Such as: Self-Defense, Muscle Toning, Weight loss, Stress Relief, ...
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