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Kiai Master Vs MMA Story When Your Mana Runs Out

I know the Kiai Master Vs MMA story is old news by now, It’s not like we’re in the last few days of 2018 and this happened in 2006.

However this Kiai Master Vs MMA Story has somehow became a part of martial arts history. I still see it being brought up to this day from time to time. Hence how I remembered about this beautiful masterpiece.

Kiai Master Vs MMA Story When Your Mana Runs Out


Kiai Master Vs MMA Story

For all of you that forgot what happened in the fight, lets watch the video.

Pure gold, who would have thought that at that night history would be made. Heck I saw a youtube video posted 1 year ego of this fight, it has 17k views. For something that happened in 2006 and still maintain relevance more than a decade later. I think that’s when you know you’ve messed up big time.

To properly understand the severity of this Kiai Master Vs MMA Story, I think we need to dig a little deeper into the characters participating in this video.

Kiai Master Yanagi Ryuken Aikido

Firstly we’re going to start with the man, the legend that managed to make this whole masterpiece of an event into what it is. Master ‘Aikido’ practitioner Yanagi Ryuken.

Yanagi Ryuken was well known as one of the greatest martial arts Master. Loved, respected and honored by many. Prior to this event he had an outstanding win streak of 200 – 0 or he claimed. To get some context on what it means to have a 200-0 win streak. Let’s look at the best current win streak of an active fighter which happens to be 40 by Travis Fulton.

The reason I placed an emphasis on ‘or he claimed’, is because you can easily say you’ve got an X-number of win streaks if you don’t mention from where you got those wins. I could say I’ve got a 200 win streaks if I sparred with my students as well, and that’s pretty much where he got his 200 win streak. He’s even got a video of his, sparring it’s so adorable I swear you’ve got to watch this great display of power.

What was going on here?

There are so many unanswered questions here, why were his students fuelling his delusion. How could a man manage to make his students, react this way. Let’s take a brief moment here, to digest what’s going on.

These students for sure must know that there master is a fraud. Yet they still pay to get lessons from him? how? If anything Yanagi Ryuken should have been teaching business.

Was this a whole martial arts ponzi scheme. Maybe they weren’t really his students and he used to pay them to act this way. So that he could get more students, or maybe to become famous. Well he definitely did get famous, not as a martial arts legend though, it’s more like that of a bad joke magician.

The problem with fake traditional Martial arts

Fake martial artists like Yanagi Ryuken are the main reason why so many people take traditional martial arts as a joke. It’s really sad that stunts like these are being made by people that are so high ranked in there respective martial arts.

It’s like they’ve been training there whole life, an art that is supposed to teach humbleness, self-defence and discipline. Than the one that should be showing an example of this, does the exact opposite. Resulting in people losing trust in that martial arts philosophy.

Just last year we had the same thing happen over again, this time with a ‘Tai Chi Master’. For those living under a rock this was the fight.

In my opinion these people deserve to be striped of all there belts and be given a permanent red dotted neon green belt. Maybe I’m being to horrible, though they do deserve to be demoted a few belts for sure.

Why disgrace your martial arts in such a way, it’s insane. However let’s get back to the Kiai Master Vs MMA story.

Tsuyoshi Iwakura

On the other side, we have Tsuyoshi Iwakura a professional-ish MMA fighter. As he has 3 professional fights in his carriers, 2 of which are losses mind you. So he’s not really the definition of a professional MMA fighter if you know what I mean.

Imagine if Yanagi Ryuken faced a real professional MMA fighter, I mean he is supposed to be the best of his martial art. There’s not much to add about Iwakura Goh really, as I can’t seem to find anything more about him.

How did the Kiai Master Vs MMA fight begin

Basically, our man Yanagi Ryuken was feeling full of himself. Due to his achievement of <cough> 200 win streak <cough> and let’s not forget he’s undefeated as well.

Anyways, while he’s going on his self gloating speech about god knows what, he realises something, nobody cares. His ego is hurt, how could these people not acknowledge this amazing thing I’ve accomplished.

I can’t live like this, I’m better than all of them, I’m so much smarter than them. I know what to do, I’ll tell them that if anyone could beat me I’ll give them one million Yen. Though they have to pay half a million Yen beforehand so that they will all be scared to fight me hahahaha I’m such a genius.

I’m pretty sure that was the thought process going inside our legend, Yanagi Ryuken. I’ll also add that a million yen is like $10,000. I donno a million Yen sounds so much cooler before you realise it’s like a months wage.

Lo and behold, Tsuyoshi Iwakura coach saw the advertisement for free money and send Tsuyoshi Iwakura to claim that sweet easy Yen.

Let’s get real here Yanagi Ryuken was 65 years old, how could this old fool think he could pull this off. Either he was insane or really out of touch with reality.

Well that pretty much how the story went, so what’s our man Yanagi Ryuken 10 years after the biggest event of his life doing you might wonder.

What is Yanagi Ryuken up to in 2019

Well from what I heard, he seems to be doing just fine, like really fine.

He re-convinced his students that Tsuyoshi Iwakura had reverse kiai powers and redirected all of his chi back to himself. They seem to have believed him and are all happily ever after training under his wing.

We really need to recognise what this man has truly achieved, the ability to sell anything he desires. A true legendary businessman. God bless your soul Yanagi Ryuken.

Kiai Master Vs MMA Story When Your Mana Runs Out
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Kiai Master Vs MMA Story When Your Mana Runs Out
The full Kiai Master Vs MMA story. We're going to discuss both fighters History. How it all happened and what there doing now, 10 years later
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