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Karate Room Ideas Decorating Karate Themed Rooms

Are you trying to decide whether a karate themed bedroom, would look great? Or maybe you want your house to have a karate vibe going on and your looking for some karate decorating ideas. Well I got you fellow karate practitioner. Today I’m going to be giving you a bunch of decorative karate room ideas you could use to:

  • Design the perfect karate themed bedroom
  • Give your house a karate themed makeover

Karate Room Ideas Decorating Karate Themed Rooms

Karate Themed Accessories To Decorate Your Rooms

Let’s get started with the karate room ideas. For our first karate idea we’re going to be discussing various karate themed accessories that scream karate. If you’re still doubting that a karate themed bedroom would suck, take a look at these amazing karate themed rooms convinced?

Karate Belt Display

This is a must have for any karate practitioner. I don’t care if your going to give your house a karate theme makeover you still need to buy one of these. Instead of throwing your old shotokan karate belts or whatever type of karate you train in the closet, never to be seen again.

You can place them on a cool karate display rack. Blasting you with a hint of nostalgia every time you pass by it. If you can’t afford to buy one, or simply can’t find anyplace that sells them I’ve written an article you’ll love, how to make a karate belt display rack. You’ll most likely also enjoy reading this, karate belt display ideas.

Karate Wall Decals

The second karate room idea we’re going to be looking at is, karate wall decals. For those that are not aware what these are, there basically stickers with a karate theme that you can stick to your walls. Check these cool karate wall decals legendary, just beautiful.

There are images, but quotes work too, maybe a great quote from your sensei or a legendary karate practitioner. The possibilities are endless.

Traditional Karate Training Equipment

Keep the karate room ideas rolling mate, we’re on next level karate themed decoration now. This isn’t just aesthetically amazing anymore it’s functional. Imagine having a Makiwara in your corridor, that’s just killing it with awesomeness.

You get to have great practicing equipment, while still looking awesome. If you want some great ideas about traditional karate training equipment, I’ve written an article you’ll love reading called Traditional Karate Training Equipment {Full List}.

Karate Trophy Shelf And Certificate Wall Frames

Much like the karate belt display, having your karate certificates and trophies on display will provide you will an inexpensive way to decorate your household. Not to mention that certificates and trophies show that you have actually achieved something with your training.

Besides certificate wall frames, you can also add karate themed wall frames. Maybe of famous karate practitioners, or pictures of you within the dojo, maybe signed autographs or quotes you’re creativity is the limit.

Karate Room Ideas

Some other things you can do to add that extra karate flavour, is to buy karate themed:

  1. Pillows and cushions
  2. Duvet covers
  3. Wall tapestries
  4. Mugs
  5. Clocks
  6. Acrylic blocks
  7. Curtains
  8. Calendars
  9. Phone cases
  10. Laptop skins

Simple inexpensive things, that could really make a room amazing.

Concluding Karate Room Ideas Decorating Karate Themed Rooms

I hope you got some inspiration, from this article on how your going to be designing your karate rooms. In fact if you have a karate themed bedroom or anything really I would love to see how it looks. Feel free to also give your advice in the comments section.

Karate Room Ideas Decorating Karate Themed Rooms
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Karate Room Ideas Decorating Karate Themed Rooms
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