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Creative Karate Belt Display Ideas

I think that every karate practitioner treasures there old karate belts and that’s why, today we’re going to be discussing creative ways to display karate belts. This is going to be a more, fun easy creative post than the usual. Anyways let’s start discussing karate belt display ideas.

Karate Belt Display Ideas

Creative Ways To Display Karate Belts

We’re going to be visiting amazon and pinterest to find the best ideas and most creative karate belt displays. If instead of creating one with your own creative touch you decide to buy the karate belt display rack. Make sure that the amount of places where you can stick the belts correlated with whatever karate belt system you follow.

You don’t want to buy a display karate belt rack that has 9 slots for your belts if your karate belt system has 10 belts.

The Normal Karate Belt Display Idea

Karate Belt Display Idea One

We can’t discuss creative karate belt display racks, without the most common one of them all. It’s simple, classical and awesome. This was the first type karate display rack that I owned. Than I even started making some for my friends. If you’d like to read more about how to DIY karate belt display racks, I’ve recently written an article about How To Make A Karate Belt Display Rack.

Creative Spiral Karate Belt Display Ideas

Karate Belt Spiral Design

The second karate display idea we’re going to be looking at is spiral karate belt display. This is a more modern design, than the previous one. Though I prefer the older one to this, I can still see looking quite awesome.

It’s definitely easier to make if your not good with wood. Takes less space and I love the symbolism, that the aura of the belts expands as your becoming more knowledgeable in the ways of karate.

Tube Karate Belt Display Idea

Tube Karate Belt Display Idea

Awww boi this one’s a 5 out of 5. The person who came up with this karate belt display idea deserves a medal, I really love it. It’s meant to look like a trophy so that it could be placed with your other karate trophies. Let’s be real here, what’s a better trophy than your karate journey towards the karate black belt. I don’t think any trophy can ever beat that.

Vase Karate Belt Display Idea

Vase Karate Belt Display Idea

This one’s very similar to the previous design. To be honest I prefer the trophy karate belt display over the vase karate belt display. Though I can see this one being quite cool next to your bedside or somewhere that’s more elegant.

Than again there is the downside that if this karate belt display were to fall over, the glass would shatter all over the place. So if this is the design you like, I’d try to look for one that’s made of transparent plastic instead of glass. This is especially important if your buying it for a child, you don’t want them dropping it over themselves and getting all cut up with the glass.

Creative Karate Belt Display Idea

Creative Karate Belt Display Idea

Sweet karate lords, I’m sorry tube karate belt display but I think we’ve got a new winner for the best karate belt display ideas. Honestly it depends if you train with weapons. I happen to train HEMA and collect a lot of traditional weapons. Therefore this karate belt display would look like the bomb over my bed.

Though if you didn’t have any weapons and are not planning to get anytime soon. I’d go with the tube karate belt display.

Iron Bar Karate Belt Display Idea

Iron Bar Karate Belt Display Idea

Simple probably free, can be made very easily for little if any money at all yet still looks amazing. You can probably find an awkward bar around your house. Simply tie your old karate belts around it and you’ve transformed an awkward iron bar into a creative way to display karate belts.

The creator of this genius karate belt display, even attached his medals to it, legend and god bless this guy.

Spiral Karate Belt Display Idea

Spiral Karate Belt Display Idea

Pinterest martial artists never fail to amuse me with there creativity. This guy got a bunch of cylinder tubes, stuck them together with bolts and created this really awesome karate belt display idea.

Really shows that as long as you’ve got creativity inside of you, you can create really cool stuff for free.

Wall Frame Karate Belt Display Idea

Wall Frame Karate Belt Display Idea

I’m liking the idea of placing the belts and certificates in a wall frame, for one it shouldn’t be that expensive. Though than again the frame would have to be really big to be able to put all your belts in it. Than again the dude seemed to already fit four belts in there and it only seems to have taken half the space. Taking into account that you could press them together to create more space. I think they would fit and the size of the frame seems to be as big as a certificate so it’s not really than blown out of proportion.

Thinking about it this seems like a really nice simple karate belt display idea. Big applause to whoever created this unique karate belt display rack.

Ude Makiwara Karate Belt Display Idea

Ude Makiwara Karate Belt Display Idea

These pinterest guys have the best karate belt display ideas I love the classical touch to this. The fact that the belts are tied to the Ude Makiwara makes me happy inside. I can imagine this being something more traditional karate students used to do. Either way it’s creative and I love it.

Concluding Creative Karate Belt Display Ideas

Give or take these are the most creative karate belt display ideas I can find. My personal top 3 karate belt display ideas are:

  1. Creative Karate Belt Display Idea
  2. Tube Karate Belt Display Idea
  3. Ude Makiwara Karate Belt Display Idea

What are your favourite creative ways to display karate belts? I’d really like to know. Don’t be shy and feel free to post your design in the comments section.

Creative Karate Belt Display Ideas
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