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What Is Hwang’s Taekwondo Hwang’s Martial Arts

Have you been looking up local martial arts schools and stumbled upon the, Hwang’s taekwondo or the Hwang’s martial arts school? Are you wondering what Hwang means? is it better than regular taekwondo or martial arts in general?

Well today’s your lucky day, we’re going to discuss everything about Hwang’s martial arts and Hwang’s taekwondo.

What Is Hwang's Taekwondo Hwang's Martial Arts

What Is Hwang’s Taekwondo

Hwang’s taekwondo is a modernised version of the traditional taekwondo. Hwang a 7th dan taekwondo black belt altered his teachings to create his own version of taekwondo called Hwang’s taekwondo.

Sometimes you will see the term Hwang’s martial arts. Hwang’s martial arts is just another name used instead of Hwang’s Taekwondo and nothing else.

Glad we got the basic description out of the way, now to talk about more interesting stuff about Hwang’s taekwondo.

Where Can I Learn Hwang’s Taekwondo

Hwang’s taekwondo have grown quite a bit and because of this they have expended many schools across america. I believe as of now they have Hwang’s taekwondo classes in:

  • West Hartford
  • Beverly Hills
  • El Cajon
  • Jacksonville NC
  • Fountain Valley
  • Hamden CT

You can also learn more about Hwang’s taekwondo and their locations on there official Hwang martial arts site. You can also easily contact them for more questions on there facebook page.

Is Hwang’s Taekwondo Better than Normal Taekwondo

This is a really hard question to answer, as I haven’t really practiced either Hwang’s taekwondo or taekwondo. Though from what I have seen the answer is that it depends.

Hwang’s taekwondo seems to have a wider set of techniques, than that of taekwondo. Though at the same time having more techniques does not mean it is better.

My friend had one complaint when he went to a Hwang taekwondo school. Sparring seemed to be really light, I am not sure whether it was because he was a new student or they generally do sparring that way. Than again not all taekwondo do full contact sparring so it really depends on your style.

I would go to both, than decide what seems to make more sense. Though I don’t think Hwang’s taekwondo is better than normal taekwondo and vice versa.

Is Hwang’s Taekwondo Good For Kids

Yes, If you have kids and you’re looking to find them a martial arts school to attend. They have a lot of activities, great exercises with a fun atmosphere. They will definitely get a great workout to tire them out.

In fact if you look at their website you will notice, that they have a lot of great programs specifically for children such as:

  • Spring Break Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • After School Martial Arts Program
  • Birthday Parties

Would I Go To A Hwang’s Taekwondo Class

Unfortunately I don’t have a local Hwang’s martial art school. Though If I did I would definitely give them a shot. I mean they give you the first 2 lessons for just 10 dollars. What’s there to lose, if it sucked I’d simply never return.


Overall I think Hwang’s martial arts school is an awesome fun martial art to learn. I also believe that it should improve your self defense skills, even though my friend complained a bit about the sparring so they do lose a few points there.

Though he’s a bit of a martial arts elitist, well it mainly depends what your goal is with joining Hwang’s martial art. If it’s to have fun and some exercise it should be perfect for you.

What Is Hwang's Taekwondo Hwang's Martial Arts
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