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How To Get Free Martial Arts Training Lessons

Welcome young martial artists, I see your in a tough situation. You wish to seek training, yet you can’t seem to afford such a thing. I will not judge you, on why you can’t afford to pay for your martial arts training lessons. Though I can not refuse to help someone seeking out the knowledge of the martial arts. That’s why today we are going to learn the secret martial arts technique called, how to get free martial arts training lessons. I hope you will be using this sacred technique out of desperation and not greed. If you can afford your martial arts training lessons simply pay for them, martial arts teachers need to eat too you know. Without further ado let’s start learning how we can get free martial arts training lessons.

How To Get Free Martial Arts Training Lessons

Getting Free Martial Arts Training Lessons

Well the first tip I will be giving you might not come as a surprise. In fact your kind of doing it right now. It’s to find free sources online that teach you techniques of the martial art your trying to learn.

Since I have previously discussed how one can learning martial arts online on this blog I will leave a link to that post to avoid repeating myself. There is also a tip on how you could get a free martial arts training lesson in that article, Can You Learn Martial Arts Online {Definitely}

Well I’m sure that might have helped some of you, but your not here for that. You want the real skills needed gain access to a real martial arts dojo, fret not fam I got you covered.

Dojo Hopping To Get Free Martial Arts Training Lessons

The good old days, I remember my father talking to me about this thing they used to do back in the day called dojo hopping. Essentially it’s just going to random martial arts dojos and asking for a free lesson to check out the place. If there are enough dojos in your area it could be sustainable.

Nowadays it’s less common to do, though in my father’s time this was an activity almost all martial artists did. It wasn’t frowned upon, lots of martial art instructors used to do it as well for the fun of it. Nowadays as long as you do it in a non greedy kind of way, no one is going to frown upon you. I mean if your going to the same dojo every week and expecting not to pay, they will remember your face and kick you out. Though if you visit a dojo once a year deeming a free lesson I doubt they will tell you anything.

This could be a great thing to meet a lot of new people in the martial arts scene, while learning some great techniques from a bunch of different martial arts. If your lucky you might even get to spar with different martial artists. That’s probably the most thing any martial artist wants. To get a bunch of different sparring partners, giving him the chance to practice the Aliveness Philosophy.

Finding Cheap Martial Arts Introductory Lessons

Okay this might not be the free martial arts training lessons your looking for as there not fully free, though they are quite close to it. I mean some martial arts schools give 50% to 80% off the first month of practicing, if your having some trouble financially these offers can come in quite handy.

Similarly to the dojo hopping technique we discussed previously, the more martial arts academies available at your local area the better this technique will work. If you’ve got at least 12 martial arts academies, you’ve got enough discounted lessons to last a whole year. Heck they might even forget your face, grow a beard or your hair out to become unrecognisable haha and after a year and do it all again.

Try To Explain Your Situation For A Discounted Lesson Price

Like the previous technique. This will not get you the free martial arts training lessons you might be seeking. Through a discounted price could be all you need to be able to financially afford it. It’s basically compromising with the dojo owner, so that you can afford it. While the dojo owner can still cover the bills like, rent, electricity, etc. Even if he might not necessary make a profit from you, at least he isn’t teaching you at a loss.

To be honest if your honest about your situation, just ask them to talk to them privately. Than explain to them your situation, I doubt the instructor will mind giving you a discount. In my experience most martial arts instructors just teach out of fun, not really as a way to make a living off of it.

Though I will say this, if the instructor does agree to give you a discount. For the love of everything holy please be respectful and motivated. There’s nothing more that I and other instructors hate, than that of students who are given a discount yet don’t seem to really care about the martial art style. those that are lazy, unmotivated and never practice there techniques are so frustrating. I don’t mind the normal paying students but when your being offered a discount at least try your hardest please that really makes us happy.

Offer The Instructor Something In Return

This is probably the best way to get free martial arts training lessons, well your going to be giving something in return just not money. This is most probably the best thing you can do as well, that is under actually paying the fee of course.

The concept of this technique is to offer something in return. Basically you want to get a small job with the instructor that would pay for your lessons. This can be done by a variety of ways depending on your skills such as:

  • Cleaning the dojo
  • Teaching the lower belts
  • Doing the dojo’s accounts
  • Fixing broken parts of the school

Anything you can come up with, be creative. Maybe you now how to fix cars, tell him you give him a car service every X amount of days for X amount of lessons. The more things your capable of doing, the more you can negotiate with the instructor.

Conclusion On How To Get Free Martial Arts Training Lessons

Before ending this article teaching us on how to get free martial arts training lessons. I would like to repeat myself again, I do not encourage people trying to hustle the martial arts instructor. Don’t go making up a sad story about why you can’t pay when it’s a lie. We enjoy people that want to learn but can’t afford, but we don’t enjoy bummers. Remember that teaching martial arts is hard work, if everyone tried to get a discount there wouldn’t be any more martial arts schools. So be respectful if you can pay just pay, if you can’t than okay try to hustle your way for some free lessons or discounted lessons.

How To Get Free Martial Arts Training Lessons
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