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Learn About The Great Grandmaster Fred Villari Karate

We’ve already talked about Fred Villari’s great martial art before on this blog. Though today I want to discuss Fredrick J. Villari life a bit more than last time.

If you missed the blog post about shaolin kempo karate go and check it out. Cos we’ve already discussed a bit about the martial art that Fred Villari created. We also discussed a bit about the great grandmaster Fred Villari’s history.

Learn About The Great Grandmaster Fred Villari

Is Fred Villari Still Alive

Yes, Fred Villari is still alive and kicking strong. As I am writing this article, Fred Villari is 73 years old and will be going for 74 in the following month as he was born in 6/25/44.

I don’t know why but every time the subject falls on Fred Villari it seems that the first question that pops up is, if he’s still alive. Well for those wondering, yes yes he is.

How Did Fred Villari’s Effect Kenpos Lineage

According to this great kenpo website, Kenpos lineage goes back to the year 1900. That’s really amazing, that we managed to gather so much information from the past.

If you’d like like to read the whole kenpo timeline here’s the kempo article I’m getting my information from. Matt Barnes the writer of that article really deserves a pat on the back, god knows how hard it must have been to write such an article. Definitely check it out.

Though in this article I only wish to discuss Fred Villari, so I’m going to just write down the events that Fred Villari effected kenpo.

  • 1971– Fred Villari 27 years old, starts his own school in Dedham, MA
  • 1971-1988– Fred Villari learns from various martial arts sources and starts adding them into his own kenpo style. He also claimed to spend a lot of time perfecting his skills with master Sun Li, Chow and master Soo.
  • 1974– Fred Villari 30 years old, became a living meme by self-promoting himself to 12th Dan because he apparently created a technique called ‘Shou Ton Kwok’.

I’d like to talk more about what happened to villari in 1974.

Fred Villari The Living Meme

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Fred Villari karate skills could kick my ass in his prime. Though no matter how big of a fan you are, what happened is 1974 is too funny. What was he thinking?

Okay okay let’s start with the ‘Shou Ton Kwok’ he’s so proud of, that apparently was so great it unlocked his ability to self promote himself.

Why is it even so great? I have no idea what it is even. If it’s so great why can’t I find anything except for this video of a guy doing a very majestic form or kata or whatever you want to call it.

Don’t get me wrong, the kata looks magnificent and relaxing but in no way is it that amazing that it unlocks your ability to self promote yourself to an absurd level.

Now this might not be Shou Ton Kwok that Fred Villari created. If it’s not anyone reading this could you tell me what it is?

Maybe the technique Fred Villari created is that awesome, though for some reason no one seems to be talking about it.

Books By Fred Villari

If your wondering if Fred Villari has written any books for us to enjoy, your in luck.

Not only one but two books Fred Villari has written which are:

  1. The Martial Arts and Real Life: A Book of Fighting for the Twenty-First Century (Apr 1, 1985)
  2. Hidden Beneath the Shadows : Fighting for the Twenty-First Century (Mar 1998)

I personally haven’t read them yet, as I’m still waiting for them to arrive. Though I’ll be sure to tell you how they were once I get around to reading them.

DVDs By Fred Villari

Fred Villari made one DVD split into the following 9 DVD’s:

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Blue Belt with Green Stripe
  • Green Belt with Brown Stripe
  • Brown to Black Belt

This was made so that you could follow each belt level without becoming too overwhelmed. From the reviews it seems like the dvd’s were the bomb. I’m seeing comments from MMA practitioners praising Fred Villari’s dvd’s, that’s actually saying a lot. MMA practitioners are such elitists sometimes.

Concluding Fred Villari The Grandmaster And Living Meme

I might come off as a bit too aggressive on Fred Villari, but I don’t really mean it, the dudes a great fellow. I really respect him even though he’s done goofy things in his lifetime his still a great martial artist. So what do you guys think about Fred Villari? does he get too much hate? is he praised too much? Would love to hear your opinions.

Learn About The Great Grandmaster Fred Villari
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