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What Are Epic Martial Arts / Cocktail Martial Arts

Today we’re going to be talking about the craze of epic martial arts. What are epic martial arts? are they a new unheard of form of martial arts? are they good? maybe there bad? what are they even. Fear not fellow confused martial artist, after reading this article you will understand exactly what epic martial arts are.

What Are Epic Martial Arts Cocktail Martial Arts

Unoriginal Epic Martial Arts School Names

Let’s start with something that isn’t one hundred percent related to epic martial arts. Though some people might be getting confused, well it’s exactly like the title says. Sometimes you will see something like Epic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Epic Karate or Epic MMA you get the idea.

In a nutshell, this means that the instructor for that particular martial art school hasn’t got a shred of creativity.

I’ve seen this question being asked on so many forums it’s crazy, if your thinking of opening up any type of martial arts school don’t give it the ‘epic’ word in front of the martial art you teach.

I don’t know why but when I see a martial art with the word epic in front of it I instantly think that the instructor has no idea what he’s doing. Now this isn’t really true, the school could be the best in that particular martial art but it does give off that vibe.

So let’s make this an unwritten rule for future martial arts school. Don’t name your school epic – ‘whatever martial art you teach’.

I felt like I needed to get that out of the system, anyways let’s start with the real topic of the day what exactly is epic martial arts.

What Are Epic Martial Arts

Epic martial arts are what I like to call cocktail martial arts. Why do I call epic martial arts cocktail martial arts you might say? It’s cause it’s true.

If your going to a dojo that calls there style epic martial arts it’s either:

  • The instructor trained 2 or more styles and decided to combine them and create a cool new unique style.
  • An inefficient from of MMA that probably lacks important techniques for the sake of fancy moves that make the style to ‘dangerous’ for the practitioners to spar against each other.
  • Some guy that gave up on multiple martial arts styles never getting close to a black belt and opening up a school to make a quick buck.

Typically if a school teaches epic martial arts, something shady is going on. Though not necessarily, so you’ve just got to go and check it out.

How To Know If An Epic Martial Arts School Is Good Or Bad

Essentially this really depends on what your goals for joining that particular martial arts dojo are. If for example it’s too lose weight in a fun way, heck the lesson could be running around while swing your arms all over the place.

Though for this article I’m going to assume that you want to learn self defense from epic martial arts.

Well if I were to evaluate a martial art school on it’s self defense standards I’d look at:

  • If there is sparring within the lesson, if there’s no sparring get out of that school.
  • Ask the teacher what certificates he has and if he’s won or any of his students won any trophies.
  • Whether the techniques make sense, would they work if your partner wasn’t falling on his own.
  • The physical health of the students, are they muscular, skinny or fat. The more muscular students there are, the more probability that sparing will be realistic.

That’s pretty much it, so if your interested in a local epic martial arts school go ahead. Though you will most likely be disappointed, it’s not always the case. Don’t forget to tell me how it went, I love hearing both positive and full on mcdojo stories.



What Are Epic Martial Arts / Cocktail Martial Arts
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What Are Epic Martial Arts / Cocktail Martial Arts
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