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What Is Elite Self Defense {Spoiler Alert Don’t Go}

I’ve been meaning to write a post about Elite Self Defense, ever since I visited my first elite self defense academy last week. So, today we’re going to be learning about what this ‘martial art’ has to offer. I will be using the term martial art very loosely in this article.

I will also like to add that this article might be a bit biased, I’m simply sharing with you my elite self defense experience. Since I have only visited one elite self defense academy. It could be that I have attended an elite self defense mcdojo instead of an academy. Anyways without further ado what is elite self defense?

What Is Elite Self Defense

My Call To Visit Elite Self Defense

To be honest, prior a week ago I had no idea what elite self defense even was. I was at my local gym doing some strength training, when this dude knowing I practice MMA came to talk to me about elite self defense.

The name itself made me instantly think it’s one of those full on cringe martial arts. Where the louder you yell with every punch, the stronger the punch gets. The dude at the gym seemed to really like it and they had a free first lesson, so I was like sure I’ll give it a shot what’s there to lose.

I’m so glad I went the experience was amazing.

First Experience With Elite Self Defense

So there I was going for my first elite self defense lesson, wondering what type of training these guys do. I arrived at the dojo and the first thing I’m greeted by is this out of shape 50 year old, who apparently happens to be the owner of this dojo.

My assumptions are already being confirmed though I prevailed, I wanted to know what goes on in this elite self defense class.

First Elite Self Defense Lesson

As I’m stepping inside for my first lesson, I’m trying to analyse the students. Amazingly all of them were greeting me with a really positive attitude, with the martial arts rei bow and everything. They didn’t seem that physically fit.Than again who am I to judge. If they are there to become healthier, good luck for them.

I didn’t have any issues with the students really. They all seemed like really great nice people.

Thinking back again I believe this was the main issue, with why I was disappointed with elite self defense. The students there had no interest in fighting competitions, they just wanted to do an activity to get them healthier. I think the sensei knew that. He never wanted to teach self defence or he simply tailored or adapted his lessons to fit his students goals. He was a cool guy if that was the reason, anyways we’re getting of track.

First Step Towards Elite Self Defense Glory

The first thing we did was an awkward 5 minute bow followed by 15 minutes of awkward jogging around the dojo, funnily all the students were exhausted. Than we proceeded into a 10 minute stretching routine. To sum it up, 20 minutes of the 1 hour lesson wasted.

Than he started giving us some advice about how we should always be aware of our surroundings. Great advice on his part, though not really necessary.

Eventually our instructor, started instructing us with a couple of elite self defense, techniques. It felt more like an aerobic class, than a martial arts class to me. The techniques we’re either really basic, or simply unrealistic. No body was being corrected on there technique, most of students were in fact doing the techniques incorrectly, it was chaos.

It was this part that I really didn’t like in our elite self defense lesson. Again it probably had more to do with bad instructor than the martial art itself. The fact that these students think that they have great self defense techniques, sadeness me. I hope that they never have to use their newly acquired elite self defense techniques, as they will surly end up disappointed.

Much like expected there was no sparring session. Which for me confirmes that this is not a self-defense academy. When I confronted the instructor if they usually do any sparring sessions, I was told that the techniques taught there are way to dangerous to be used against each other. I simply nodded and didn’t even bother to try and argue.

Elite Self Defense Conclusion

To sum up my elite self defense experience, considering it was free I will not complain that much. I believe that the elite self defense instructor realised he could teach gullible students and make an easy living of it.

Though than again he could be doing it, to get these people into shape without putting them under to much pressure. As he might fear that if he was too hard on there training they might give up. I don’t know could be he’s having a hard time to support himself financially, therefore he opted to become a fitness instructor with a theme.

Anyways I’m sure there are better elite self defense dojo’s out there and I just happened to stumble into a bad one. Than again I’ve never seen a good elite self defense academy. In fact I don’t even know of a good elite self defense practitioner, let alone an academy.

If you’ve had different experiences or know more of elite self defense, feel free to further educate me in comments section. I’ll gladly reply to any comments.

What Is Elite Self Defense {Spoiler Alert Don't Go}
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What Is Elite Self Defense {Spoiler Alert Don't Go}
What is Elite Self Defense? Lets find out, today we're going to be discussing everything about elite self defense. My first experience with this martial art, and many more other people in the comments section discussing this wonderful martial art.
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