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How To Choose The Best Boxing Headgear

Today we’ve got our first guest on this blog, Jeremy Nichols who’s going to teach us how to choose the best boxing headgear. He’s trained many martial arts styles and I hope you will enjoy his post.

Boxing has become one of the favorite past time activities for the agile, active and energetic people who enjoy challenging their body and mind. Whether you’re a novice or a pro boxer you need to have the best protection with the best headgear according to what suits you in terms of quality, price and availability for participants in all levels.

How To Choose The Best Boxing Headgear

It should be no secret that protecting your head in boxing is extremely important. The padding on boxing gloves is not nearly enough to cushion the impact of being punched by an opponent. No matter how weak your opponents punches are, there going to rattle your brain if they connect.

By wearing high quality headgear you can protect your head from your opponents punches. Whether your boxing a seasoned heavyweight or an average Joe, it’s important you protect your head with some quality headgear.

In this article we’re going to be covering what to look for when looking for boxing headgear.

Go For Quality Over Price

Boxing is a contact sport that can be very taxing on the body, more specifically on the head and ultimately the brain. A good way to be prepared is to be wearing high quality boxing headgear.

You only have one brain, it’s important to protect it.

With injuries especially to the head being a major issue in the boxing industry where legends such as Ali have succumbed to the numerous impacts to the head, it is not only important but necessary that you protect your head at all times to avert any long term consequences.

Your headgear needs to be made from high quality materials and be designed to absorb impact in key areas.

Many of the big MMA brands create their own boxing headgear, and their prices range pretty drastically between companies. You need to balance between quality and price.

Things to Consider When Choosing Boxing Headgear

There are many things to consider when picking boxing headgear.


For many of us, the main issue usually comes down to, money. However it’s important to invest in the health of your brain. You should keep in mind that it’s better to invest in quality headgear that will keep your head and brain safe. Many of the cheaper models on the market will not give you sufficient protection.

It’s good to find a headgear that will give you solid protection, but will not break the bank. However, with that being said, if you can afford to invest in a higher quality model, it will almost always be worth it in the long run.

Build Quality

Each model of headgear is made out of different materials, with some being high quality than others. Depending on which model of headgear you choose, the materials will vary.

Another thing worth mentioning is that many models offer more protection than others. This is whether investing in a higher quality model of headgear can go a long way. Good quality headgear will provide the user with more protection from strikes. This will help you handle heavier/more strikes, and it will more importantly protect your brain.

Read Reviews

A great way to pick the best boxing headgear is to read reviews online. By doing so you’ll get a good idea of which models have done well for others. If a particular type of headgear has lots of good user reviews than it will likely serve you well too.

Reading reviews will give you a great idea of problems that buyers have had with a particular product, which will give you a good indication of what to avoid.

Top Brands

There are tons of brands that make boxing headgear.

Here are some of the most popular brands:

There are many others of course but these ones stand out as industry leaders.


Overall I think it’s quite obvious why buying high quality headgear is important. The same reason we wear helmets when we ride bicycles is the same reason why we wear headgear when boxing, to protect our brains.

If you avoid using quality headgear when boxing you are increasing your risk of brain damage.

You can properly insure yourself from this aftermath with headgear that fits snugly with the right kind of comfort. It has to feel breathable and at the same time lightweight and the aforementioned information will help you to get just that.

Author Bio:

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy has trained boxing since 2000 and has been training amateur boxers since 2011. He has a passion for all forms of martial arts. Beside’s boxing he also trains Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai.

How To Choose The Best Boxing Headgear
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