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Can You Learn Martial Arts Online {Definitely}

Yes, of course you can learn martial arts online. In fact you’re going to be at a great disadvantage if you don’t learn how to utilize this great source of information. Obviously learning martial arts online alone, will not make you the next UFC champion. Regardless if you plan on becoming a great martial artist, you will need to learn how to properly analyse this information and put it to use.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do today, so can you learn martial arts online?

can you learn martial arts online

Never Trained Martial Arts Can I Still Learn Martial Arts Online

Before we start discussing how martial artists can improve their martial arts online. We’re going to discuss whether someone who never practiced martial arts can actually learn martial arts online. If you already train at a real dojo and want to learn how to utilize the online martial arts community. Simply skip to the heading, learning martial arts from a book 2018 style.

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Firstly, I’m assuming the reason why you don’t want to join a dojo is either. Due to financial reasons or there simply isn’t a dojo where you live. Let’s get this clear, I’m not saying you should ditch your dojo. Without aliveness training you’re not going to get far. If your idea of learning martial arts online is to watch a couple of youtube videos, do some shadow boxing and calling it a day just stop reading. This isn’t one of those how to learn martial arts at home for beginners type of articles. Let’s first think of some ways to tackle these issues. Regardless even if a dojo isn’t possible we’re still going to discuss how to learn martial arts online without a dojo.

Tips To Get Into A Dojo For Free

Being in a dojo will significantly increase your learning potential, therefore let’s discuss ways on how we could get into a dojo for free. Now these might not work obviously but it’s worth a try. I don’t think I need to mention this but, if you got money to pay the fee don’t abuse the coach’s generosity.

The best way to get free lessons, while still maintaining your dignity is to offer the sensei or coach something in return. This way your not being a bum and both you and the coach are getting something out of it.

Do you have any particular skills you could offer. If you’ve got no money most probably you’re young, what is it that we young people are good at that old people can’t seem to grasp their hands on.

That’s right technology!

You could offer the dojo to make and maintain a website in exchange for lessons. Something that’s actually expensive to hire someone do, yet if you know how to make one it’s rather easy and inexpensive.

There are a lot of other things you can do, to get free dojo lessons in exchange. Just think outside the box, what can you do that will provide value to your coach.

Tips On How To Find A Dojo Near You

Well there isn’t really much you can do if there are no dojos near you. You could try google, type in your country and martial art of your choice. You could also try to find a local group on facebook and ask those people whether they know of a martial arts school.

Unless you can find somewhere where there are people you could spar against. How will you know that the martial arts you learned online actually works?

The Importance Of Training Partners While Learning Martial Arts Online

We’ve already established this, without training partners we have no idea whether the martial art we are studying is practical. Let me tell you how my father found training partners back in the day. This story took place before I was even born as a matter of fact, the internet wasn’t yet born, dark times indeed. Anyways back then there weren’t any real martial arts dojos here. Besides that the dojos that we had here were all a joke. They were so bad that if you didn’t train you’d probably be a better fighter.

What he did was, got a bunch of his friends than bought a couple of martial arts books and they started practicing these techniques on each other.

At that time doing something like this was considered cool and encouraged. For some reason nowadays, the martial arts community seems to cringe at the thought of learning martial arts online but is it really that different. Anyways back on topic, how can we replicate and improve this idea with today’s technology.

Simple, the concept is similar. We need to get as many friends that are interested in learning martial arts. Though even if you find just one guy that’s geniously interested in learning martial arts you could make it work.

Than you need to find a place to train, if you’re just 2 guys you can easily train at each other’s houses. If you’re a big group and no one has a field or something you can easily rent a small garage to train in.

Learning Martial Arts From A Book 2018 Style

Back than they had to rely on whatever books they find, be it good or bad. If you’re lucky maybe you’d get your hands on a dvd but that’s practically it. Today this isn’t the case, we have excess to unlimited sources of martial arts, be it:

  • Training exercises
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Biographies
  • Sparring tips
  • DVDs
  • History
  • Reviews
  • Critics
  • Etc

Not only are these martial arts sources mostly for free but you can actually learn them from the comfort of your home.

Hows that for luxury, but that’s not all the internet has to offer!

Besides all these great online martial art resources, that you can find much like you found this article. There are countless other reputable bloggers and youtubers that create useful content daily.

Don’t forget all the great forums, facebook groups, reddit, etc out there. Much like youtubers and bloggers, you can find specific groups for the specific type of martial art you wish to learn. These are all extremely great places to ask question, see what other people are thinking and everything related to martial arts really. So you don’t get overwhelmed start of with Sherdog forums there my favourite forum by far, than gradually increase the amount of communities you participate in. I’ll talk more about, how these communities have improved tremendously in the way we learn martial arts online. Needless to say all of these sources, are a great way to start learning or improving your martial art.

Using Online Communities As An ‘Artificial’ Coach

So far we covered, how to realistically train without a dojo and how to utilize the online martial art communities to learn. Though we’re still lacking critics.

  • The techniques we are practicing might work on our friends but would they work against a trained fighter?
  • Are there better ways to execute these techniques?
  • Are we even executing the techniques properly?
  • What about stances are we using an outdated stance?
  • How could the techniques we are practicing be countered?

The list goes on and on, without a coach we might be practicing impractical techniques. Keep in mind that your friends know as much as you. I’ll give you a relatable example of a technique beginners love to use, think it’s the bomb, yet it’s so easy to counter.

The standing side headlock.Side Headlock Technique

I see beginners ‘win’ fights with this technique, mainly due to the ‘victim’ of the technique not knowing how to react in this situation. Due to the technique being really easy to execute, beginners tend to focus on who gets who in this ‘lock’.

This is the main problem with, not having a professional fighter supervising the amature fighters.

All that it takes to bypass this lock is:

  1. We’re going to assume, that we are the guy in the gif receiving the side headlock.
  2. Aligning your body straight, knees slightly bend, right knee just behind opponent’s left leg.
  3. With your right hand put it on your opponent’s right shoulder.
  4. Drop back slamming down your opponent, while arching your leg on top of him to get into the mounted position.

Not only does this technique bypass this ‘lock’ but it also puts you in an extremely dominant position. Just putting it out there, this is probably the nicest counter you could do. Though I’m not going to get into how easy it is to eye gouge or groin strike your opponent in this position.

To get to the point, just because a technique is working on our friends doesn’t mean it will really work. That’s where the online communities come in.

We could simply find the proper term of the technique, go on youtube and add counter or reversal after the technique. This way we will be:

  • Building new techniques.
  • Surprising our friends.
  • Teaching it to our friends.
  • Get stronger technical fighters to train against.

If you can’t find what the technique is called, just record yourself and ask a forum what it’s called. That way you’ll learn what the technique is called and most probably even get some advice on how to:

  • Improve the technique
  • If it’s a good technique
  • If it’s a really bad technique, such as the one we explained
  • Modifications of the technique

We can utilize forums in so many ways, maybe your learning traditional martial arts online. Without a sensei you don’t know if you’re properly doing a kata or form. Just tell one of your friends to record you and put it on a forum related to that martial art. I could go on and on about this but I think you guys got it.

Again this will not substitute a real coach, but you’re getting as close as possible without actually having one. For those that do have a coach, take this as a secondary opinion. Maybe your coach doesn’t know certain techniques, it’s not going to hurt to try anyways.

Something I’d like to point out before ending this article is, be wary of online martial art sites that want your money for a ”Unique Online Accelerated Black Belt Program”. These are usually scammy courses that don’t teach you anything, if you’re in doubt simply post a link of that site on a martial art forum and ask them about it.

Learning Martial Arts Online Conclusion

I hope this article helps those, that want to learn martial arts but don’t have the proper resources to train the proper way. Those that want to reach the next level in their martial arts carriers and finally remove some stigma on learning martial arts online. If you guys got more tip’s or difficulties on this matter feel free to add them in the comments section.

Sources :
All images have been taken from pixabay with a Creative Commons CC0 licence. Unless expressed underneath the image.
Gifs made by from the following youtube videos, recommend you guys to check them out. ‘How to Get Out of a Headlock’

Can You Learn Martial Arts Online {Definitely}
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Can You Learn Martial Arts Online {Definitely}
Not Only Can You Learn Martial Arts Online But If You're Not Utilising Online Sources I'm Sorry For You {How To Reach The Next Level In 2018}
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