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What Is Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI

I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about the notorious Krav Maga Worldwide association KMW. Though somehow you’ve stumbled upon this new thing called Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI and decided you simply must know more.

Well you’ve come to the right place, today we’re going to learn a bit about Alpha Krav Maga International. So let’s get the question everyone’s been waiting for out of the way. Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI Vs Krav Maga Worldwide association KMW.

What Is Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI

Alpha Krav Maga International Vs Krav Maga Worldwide

To be honest I haven’t practiced enough of either Alpha Krav Maga or Krav Maga to be able to make an educated decision about what is the best Krav Maga style. I think it comes down more to the person learning the martial art style than the style itself. Though I do encourage practitioners of both Krav Maga styles to discuss pros and cons of each style.

Alpha Krav Maga International History

Surprised you hadn’t heard of this Krav Maga martial art? Don’t be, Alpha Krav Maga International was established in 2013. As of now AKMI has only been operating properly for 5 years.

Alpha Krav Maga international was set up by a 7th dan black belt in Krav Maga Worldwide named Sam Sade. So why did a former high ranking Krav Maga instructor decide to start his own Krav Maga organization?

The whole purpose behind the birth of AKMI is that Sam Sade felt that Krav Maga was still far from being a good self defence system. Alpha Krav Maga is basically a tweaked version of Krav Maga. Sam Sade finds techniques that he feels aren’t practicable in a real life situation than either improves them or removes them from the Alpha Krav curriculum.

If you’d like to keep up with Alpha Krav Maga history you can check there official Krav Maga site. Lots of great information about AKMI.

What I Think Of Alpha Krav Maga International

I am a strong believer that you should never stop improving your technique and that’s why I think Sam Sade and his martial art Alpha Krav Maga are amazing. His passion to keep improving the Krav Maga style is the fighting spirit that certain other martial arts lack.

Here’s a quick video of what you should expect from an Alpha Krav Maga international Gym.

Sam Sade is definitely a great instructor and if you’ve got a local Alpha Krav Maga international gym close by go check it out. Don’t forget to leave your honest review in the comments section about your experience in any AKMI gym you’ve trained.

What Is Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI
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What Is Alpha Krav Maga International AKMI
Everything you need to know about Alpha Krav Maga International. From history, the creator of Alpha Krav Maga Sam Sade to pros and cons against other styles.
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