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Hey, fellow martial artist!

Welcome to martial arts nerd, we are a friendly community of martial artists striving to better ourselves. As much as we love styles for there traditional aspect, we don't believe one should limit himself to a particular style. One should explore outside there safe zone and discover their own unique fighting style.

“i do not believe in styles anymore. i don’t believe that there is such a thing as a chinese way of fighting, or a japanese way of fighting… styles tend to only separate men, because they have their own doctrines which became the gospel truth, but if you don’t have styles, here i am as a human being, how can I express myself… that way you won’t create a style. because style is a crystallization; not continuous growth. - Bruce Lee”

Here is what you'll find on martial arts nerd:

  • History, techniques, syllabuses, philosophies, pros, cons of multiple martial art styles.
  • Tips on how to tackle common issues faced by martial artists.
  • Deconstructing basic and advanced techniques.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of 2 seperate martial art styles pitched against each other.
  • Examining the advantage and disadvantages of a particular body physic correlated with the martial art style.
  • Product reviews that I use.
  • Tips on how to start and promote a successful dojo.
  • Debunking unrealistic techniques.
  • Discussing relevant issues within our community.
  • Cool martial arts shirt designs.

How Martial Arts Nerd Started

How Martial Arts Nerd Started

Martial Arts Nerd has been running since November 1st, 2017. Even though this is relatively a short period of time, I am really proud that people are visiting and buying our products.

As much as I love the extra income, my main reason for starting this blog was not to make money. The reason why I started this blog is to further improve my skill set. As a person that never bothered learning how technology works, I came to realize how disconnected from the world I really was.

Starting this blog has helped me learn:

  • How social media works.
  • How websites are made.
  • How to find great sources of information.
  • Forums and reddit

To be honest I already feel that martial arts nerd was a huge success to me. I can't believe I've been living my life without these great resources. Regardless I plan to make martial arts nerd the best martial arts website, while further improving myself.

Real People. Real Progress.

Yaw-Yan is a more traditional Martial Art along side with the Classic Kali. This is designed to KILL. Just like using weapons, Yaw-Yan Trains the body to be the Weapon. I Was trained by a Guro(Teacher/Master) from Tarlac mostly for self defense using Kali. But I researched my way to learning the art. There are too many styles and focus when you’re talking about FMA, but Filipinos define it as Aralin ng Digmaan(Art Of War).

As training goes deeper, I started Learning the main goal of the art, breed highly trained people who will kill for the good of the country.

People who knows the art are the most humble among the community. They promote peace but will do crush you if you stir violence and crime. This way is still in existence today. There are countless elite assassins here trained by the ones who learned the art.

Today, I stopped challenging people from any gym/community I get my attention to.
We call this hunting. We look for really good people and challenge them on a no-rule-match.
If the fight gets so far intense, injury is inescapable.
Ranking is defined mainly by the people you beat. The more masters you earn respect with or defeat, the more confident you become. Masters are determined not by any ranking. They are identified by their skill of the art which only comes out in a fight.

I had a lot of fight with other disciplines but Yaw-Yan fighters don’t usually fight. But if they do, you’re a dead kid.

Yaw-Yan walks in the very same path as the Original(Traditional) Kali.
Sayaw ng Kamatayan designed very strong kicking techniques.
>Hand usually carries weapons initially, you need to be very skillful in kicking to be more
>Boxing is a familiar Filipino art in the streets. By default, commoners are good fighters. We fight our way everyday to avoid being hurt by bullies from school to markets and everywhere.

Techniques are being designed according to your body abilities and comfort zones and develops it so well that you can do it anytime. The more creative you are, the more techniques you can develop. NO BARS WHEN IT COMES TO FIGHTING TECHNIQES.

Yaw-Yan is simple. Be a deadly man to your foes an enemy of your motherland, and a good member of the community.

Genesis Castaneda Yaw-Yan Practitioner

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My brother is gonna love this shirt, Thanks heaps, Cool design.

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